YouTube Shorts Gets Ad-Measurement Tools Supported By IAS, DV

YouTube Shorts, Google’s short-form video experience for users, expanded relationships with Integral Ad Science (IAS), which focuses on global media measurement and optimization, and DoubleVerify (DV), a software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics.

The news from IAS and DV released Thursday in two separate announcements.

Through the Total Media Quality for YouTube product suite, IAS now provides viewability and invalid traffic measurement for YouTube Shorts’ inventory, allowing advertisers to verify ads are seen by real users.

The significant reach of YouTube’s offering supports creators, brands and agencies. YouTube Shorts now reaches 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users with 50 billion daily views.

Beginning in July 2023, advertisers and agencies will have an option to leverage third-party measurement for independent viewability and invalid traffic (IVT) measurement of Video View and Video Reach campaigns. 

Shorts is YouTube’s creative content experience centered around short-form, vertical video. 

Ads on YouTube Shorts launched in 2022. Advertisers can leverage Shorts ads inventory, alongside in-stream and in-feed, through a number of campaign types including Video View and Video Reach.

These new formats will be available for measurement partners and marketers through Ads Data Hub who use them to provide viewability and fraud measurement, as well as other measurement metrics such as reach and brand lift.

IAS has been a Google Preferred Measurement Partner since 2018. The  expansion announced today is the latest demonstration of the two companies providing advertisers with greater transparency into the performance of their ad campaigns.

YouTube adds the formats to supplement in-stream, in-feed and masthead inventory through Google Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners and Ads Data Hub for Marketers.

Google has long been committed to third-party, independent measurement around its media, so the company continues to expand its partnerships with third-party measurement providers that meet these principles, in the interest of customers globally.

In a separate announcement, DV said it expanded its quality solutions with Google’s Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners, enabling media measurement and helping maximize advertiser performance on YouTube Shorts, Masthead and In-feed Video formats. The release leverages DV technology to help advertisers on YouTube Shorts ensure their video ads are viewable, by a human being and are safe from Fraud/Invalid Traffic.


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