Entrepreneur, Doctor Creates Healthcare-Focused DSP For Targeting

Harshit Jain, a medical doctor and entrepreneur, created the pharmaceutical advertising and healthcare marketing company Doceree several years ago, but recently introduced an enterprise healthcare-focused demand side platform (DSP) for media agencies.

Doceree Enterprise aims to help media agencies manage marketing to healthcare professionals (HCP). Espyian, an identity-resolution technology for HCP powers the self-serve platform, which lets agencies run targeted global and integrated campaigns with transparent and measurable outcomes. It also allows agencies to work with Doceree developers to customize and personalize the platform based on the needs of their advertisers.

“The problem -- there wasn’t a way to bring it all together,” Jain said. “The data and functions were all in separate silos -- so much ineffectiveness because of the inefficiencies of not being able to bring it all together.”

Media agencies must work with many different providers like medical-focused companies, non-medical activation companies like The Trade Desk, email providers, and a company that builds relative audiences.

Doceree Enterprise addresses that disconnect by connecting all parts of the marketing funnel programmatically to improve the outcome, Jain said.

“Even the attribution studies will not work if you are only at the top of the funnel, which is a long way down to any conversion,” he said.

The platform, which has five apps, launched six weeks ago and now has two agencies using the platform, although Jain declined to disclose names.

The apps include the audience-builder tool Target, the predictive planning tool Foresight, the campaign activation tool Exchange, and the measurement tool Perform.

Benefits include easier access to healthcare claims data, which was expensive and difficult to gain. Through the platform, planners can access the data and use it to plan campaigns.

The platform also improves the ability to connect campaigns across the different parts of the marketing funnel, which media buyers could not do prior for lack of data. Access to all available data and reports in real time is the third benefit cited by users, per Jain.

"The top of the funnel is where we want to connect with partners," he said. 

The platform doesn’t support search, today. He said the company’s looking for the correct partner, companies like Skai, to build in the capability.

Healthcare creative agencies that do not have media buying capabilities also have interest in the platform, which Jain said could change the dynamics of reaching out to customer.

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