Babybel And Hasbro Give Candyland The Lactose Treatment

Bel Brands, in partnership with Hasbro, is offering a limited-edition “Babybel Goodness Land” adaptation of Candy Land, the classic childhood game. The effort is built around the insight that busy fall schedules make it harder for families to find quality time to connect.

A recent Babybel survey found that almost half of parents responded they found it “almost impossible” to find time to engage in play with their children and over 60% of parents felt disconnected from their kids during playtime.

The company’s survey found that parents’ nostalgic favorites were one way to bridge the divide, with 61% of parents saying they love the nostalgia attached to board games of their youth. And 79% of parents who introduced their children to games they played growing up ended up going back to such games regularly.



“As schedules quickly fill up and families get back into school routines, time with our kids is even more valuable, so we want to help parents turn even snack time into a moment to connect,” Babybel Brand Director Melanie Nemoy said in a statement. “Candy Land and Babybel are both staples of childhood for so many parents.”

Created in partnership with Hasbro, Babybel Goodness Land swaps in dairy equivalents for Candy Land hazard spaces –  such as “Milk River” and “Mozzarella Monsters of the Marsh” – for players to navigate on their way to Cheesy Castle. Cheese lovers can enter for a chance to win their own copy of the game via a landing page for the promotional sweepstakes.

When it came to finding a celebrity partner to get the word out about the promotion, Bel Brands got Busy. Actor and mother Busy Phillips partnered with Babybel on the campaign, and the brand claims she cites Candy Land as a childhood favorite. They also teamed up for a drive to support Baby2Baby through donations aiding the organization in its mission to provide diapers, clothing, and other necessities to children living in poverty.

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