OpenX Eliminates Resellers, Non-TV Content In New CTV Solution

Supply-side platform/SSP OpenX is eliminating all resellers and removing all non-TV content from its ad inventory.

The moves are part of the launch of a solution that OpenX claims combines the most powerful aspects of linear and programmatic buying models.

The overall aim is to streamline and improve transparency in CTV programmatic buying.

“In the current CTV landscape, buyers aren’t able to efficiently buy in biddable media environments due to an over-indexing of intermediaries,” OpenX said in announcing the launch initiatives. “Additionally, brands and agencies often pay CTV CPMs without having full transparency into what they’re buying. When non-TV content is categorized as CTV, publishers’ premium content is devalued and buyers cannot lean into their KPIs with confidence.”

The elimination of resellers will reduce invalid traffic and help ensure that buyers have more working media and publishers get their fair cut of transactions, says OpenX.



While OpenX will continue to monetize non-TV content — including gaming, UGC, OTT, mobile and fireplace apps — as online video content, it will remove all of it from its CTV inventory.

Proper classification of content will provide “more premium advertising experiences, a clear value for inventory, and more accurate measurement,” the SSP says.

OpenX works with more than 130,000 premium publisher domains and receives more than 300 billion ad requests each day. 

Through the solution, buyers can unlock direct premium publisher integrations across more than 110 million measurable “glass-on-wall” televisions and device displays. “This access to direct-sourced inventory improves transparency and control, while log-level data delivers visibility into impressions,” OpenX says. 

“As more marketers choose CTV for incremental reach over linear, there is tremendous value for the ecosystem in scaling reach beyond direct buys,” commented Samba TV co-founder and CEO Ashwin Navin. “Solutions that provide trust and transparency empower data providers to scale audiences in CTV and digital while increasing confidence in biddable environments and optimizing working media.”
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