Google Celebrates 25 Years Of Search In Playground Campaign

Google launched a campaign this year around its annual Year in Search film and trends lists that looks back at moments, people, topics, events, and places during the past year.

A Playground Doodle will feature 25 of the most searched trending topics in a gamified “Where’s Waldo” format.



Google calls it a giant “easter-egg” experience that will live on the search home page, as well as in-product Search and social media through the end of the year.

The campaign includes a collection of short-form tribute videos that salute the icons and fandoms that made them the most-searched.  These will roll out this week across YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. Interactive fan polls will run on Instagram Stories and X.

Google partnered with influencers to promote Taylor Swift as the most-searched songwriter through Google social channels and the Doodle Playground, which will include a Hidden Treasure Hunt that requires sharing to solve and unlock an exclusive film.

The campaign also highlights Cristiano Ronaldo as the most-searched athlete, with a special tribute video to him on the @google social channel.

To celebrate 25 years of Search, this year Google also shared some of the most-searched trends of all time.

This year’s film recognizes iconic people, events, and moments that have shaped history and influenced the future.

With more than two decades of data consisting of the most-searched ideas, breakthroughs, movements, and more, this year Google recognize that the past has taught brands a lot, including changes that will take place in the next 25 years. 

The campaign highlights the most-searched person, movement, topic, landmark or moment--one searched more than any other in a specific category since Google Trends data first became available globally in 2004.

Google’s Brand Studio created, produced and edited the global anthem film.


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