Microsoft Enhanced Conversions Gets New Privacy-Compliant Data Options

Microsoft will launch enhanced conversions in all markets across America and Europe in the coming weeks, with new ad-targeting capabilities on the way that pull in data from LinkedIn profiles.

Similar to LinkedIn's ad-targeting options, the new targeting capabilities allow marketers to target potential customers across Microsoft properties by job title and the size of the companies.

The data is sourced from LinkedIn profiles, and the capability is available anywhere that in-market audiences is offered -- including display, native, and connected TV. More updates such as market expansion and income in-market audiences are coming soon.

Enhanced conversions pulls in the first-party customer data -- such as email and phone numbers -- allowing advertisers to improve the accuracy of conversion measurement, track cross-device conversions, and comply with regulations by leveraging hashed and what the industry considers privacy-safe user information.



Marketers will need to set up online or offline conversion tracking setup and ready to receive conversions.

Advertisers who already getting this key first-party information from successful conversions can then set up Enhanced conversions for more advanced customer matching and client prospecting.

This is currently in beta and will be rolling out to all customers in the coming weeks.

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