Snapchat Measures Carbon Footprint Of Its Digital Ads

To help advertisers better understand the carbon footprint of their Snap ads, Snapchat has partnered with Scope3, a collaborative media sustainability platform that is able to visualize and measure the advertising emissions across an “entire ad ecosystem.”

“Scope3 has been working with Snap to both refine and enhance its emissions model for the platform as well as to provide granular measurement of Snap's bespoke advertising formats,” the social media company wrote in a blog post.

By directly contributing data to Scope3’s emissions model, Snapchat aims to enhance the accuracy of the model for ad campaigns on social and messaging apps.

According to Snap, advertising on social media and messaging apps “accounts for 3.36 million metric tons of carbon emissions every year across 5 major markets (US, UK, DE, FR and AU).”



Snap says it ranks as the most carbon-efficient among similar apps, with the data showing it to be 39% more efficient than others in the category.

“Compared to programmatic advertising, Snap is about 60% more efficient,” the company added.

Per the partnership, Snap will provide Scope3 with data for specific ad formats, including video and augmented reality (AR) ads.

Snap says its lenses and skippable video are “significantly low carbon” compared to other formats available to marketers.

From now on, Snapchat will be available in Scope3's emissions dashboard for all agencies and advertisers subscribing to their services.

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