• Cleaning The Dust Off TV Preconceptions
    When dust accumulates on an object, it loses its twinkle. Although the general form, purpose and value of the object are unchanged, it somehow loses that special luminescence that originally caught our eye. Since the birth of the Internet, dust has started to accumulate on TV in spite of the fact that its form, purpose and value in the media food chain did not change. But now it's time to get out the feather dusters. TV is about to get its groove back, and the shine will be blinding. Here's why
  • TV Automation is Already Here -- Retire The Fax Jokes
    Programmatic TV is the combination of audience data and automated execution to make TV planning, buying, optimizing and reporting smarter and more effective. Over the past few years, we have built a wealth of audience data from multiple online and offline sources that we now can use in TV. Then comes the invariable "BUT" -- and we hear the sound of the programmatic TV gears stripping. "But programmatic TV needs automation and TV is not automated," or, "Can you believe they still use fax machines in TV?"
  • Programmatic Measurement: Confirming The Outsize Value Of TV
    As programmatic brings a richer data-driven sensibility to TV planning, buying and optimization, measurement of TV will begin to play an important role. Precision measurement for TV will benefit the health of the cosystem, because TV delivers outsize value when outcomes are measured.
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