• Addressable As PTV Gateway And Television 'Democratizer'
    While some broadcast and cable networks continue to be leery of addressable television, others view it as a logical gateway to "full-blown" programmatic television.
  • What's Programmatic TV's Acceptance Level In Agencies?
    Agencies seem apprehensive to test the programmatic TV space just yet, according to Strata's latest forecast, but a considerably more positive picture came through during a BIA/Kelsey Webinar on its status in the local television marketplace last month.
  • PTV Standardization Progresses Amid More Big-Player Announcements
    Feeling that the industry had been moving at "a glacial pace" on PTV standards, The Global Audience Based Buying Conference (GABBCON) has released a glossary to help standardize industry vocabulary and, now, the first automated linear broadcast cross-device standard (ABCDS)
  • One Analyst's View: National TV Ad Sales Methods Still 'Far From Revolution'
    How far has programmatic TV come, how far is it going, and how fast? That seems to depend to a large extent on who's doing the assessing.