• Programmatic TV: What's Gross Got To Do With It?
    On the phone the other day trying to advance a local programmatic TV negotiation, I queried the vendor on whether there was a transactional fee for its service. Some platforms, like Videa, pass the fee onto the TV station or publisher; others, like Comcast's Audience Plus, offer all-inclusive gross packages, e.g., inventory, transactional costs and posting. Understanding and accepting that we were engaging in digital modeling, of course there would be an ad-serving fee. No problem. Gross or net? Silence.
  • Videology, TubeMogul And The Trade Desk Ranked As Top DSPs For Video
    Companies moving toward (or already using) programmatic TV buying should consider the results of a recent study of video advertising demand-side platform (DSP) providers. Forrester Research named Videology, as well as TubeMogul and The Trade Desk, as leaders in its Wave report, an evaluation of video DSPs.
  • Why Programmatic Will Save Digital Outdoor
    As outdoor ads become more like TV/video, they can likewise use programmatic techniques for ad buying. Sean Hargrave discussed the linking of digital outdoor with programmatic in a recent post for London Blog, reposted here.
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