• Sizing Up 2016's Upfront: An Advanced TV Buyer's Take
    Samantha "Sam" Rose, VP, director of video investment for HorizonAdvanced, talks about the advanced TV scenario at 2016's upfront and looks ahead to any factors that could slow its momentum.
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    Conversion Logic COO Alison Lohse shares some thoughts about the roles of attribution platforms in the shifting television metrics landscape.
  • What's Programmatic TV's Acceptance Level In Agencies?
    Agencies seem apprehensive to test the programmatic TV space just yet, according to Strata's latest forecast, but a considerably more positive picture came through during a BIA/Kelsey Webinar on its status in the local television marketplace last month.
  • Hanlon: Addressable TV's 'Inevitable Moment' Is Coming
    Tim Hanlon, managing director of FTI Consulting in its Telecom, Media and Technology practice, shares his thoughts on addressable television's current status and likely evolution.
  • Updated Results On 'Equitable Optimization' Broadcast TV Test
    A four-week test by U.S. International Media (USIM) using equitable optimization for a retail client resulted in average ratings indexing at 130.5% - a 15 percentage-point improvement.