• TV Audience Fragmentation And Metrics Issues: One Step Forward...
    The past week saw two developments that, while not directly connected, speak to two critical audience-buying issues that are decidedly intertwined: audience fragmentation, and measurement capabilities.
  • Will Programmatic Video And PTV Converge Or Diverge?
    The general assumption that most television inventory will eventually be bought through programmatic systems is still quite theoretical, an expert panel at MediaPost's OMMA Programmatic indicated.
  • Will Less Network Ad Clutter Translate To Better Value For Advertisers?
    Less ad clutter equals a better experience for viewers and higher demand (and prices) for the remaining ad units, at least in theory. Buyers weighed in at MediaPost's 2016 Outfront Forum.
  • Is There A Future For The Upfront?
    Going into this year's upfront frenzy, several agency executives took time to discuss what the television buying scenario may look like five years from now, in a panel during MediaPost's Outfront Forum in New York.
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