• A Big Week For Local TV, Both PTV And Traditional
    Videa, the Cox Media Group supply-side platform, announced its official launch this week and Nielsen announced that it will expand its Portable People Meter tech into local TV ratings.
  • Forrester Analyst: Don't Call It 'Programmatic' TV
    The television advertising business is "at long last" beginning to see some of the change that's been anticipated for so long. But calling those changes "programmatic" is, at least at this stage, far off the mark, says Jim Nail, principal analyst at Forrester.
  • Direct Response PTV Options Continue To Expand
    Some industry players have noted that use of programmatic TV is likely to happen more quickly for direct response advertising than branding advertising.
  • Networks Aren't The Only Ones Apprehensive About PTV
    When it comes to hurdles on the way to broad implementation of programmatic TV, lack of sufficient infrastructure and national inventory providers' concerns about pricing and profitability lead the short list, as underscored by a new PTV-focused whitepaper from 4C.
  • Initiative's Bosetti On Today's Television Trade-Offs
    Television has never before presented such a mixed bag of complex new challenges and equally complex new opportunities, observes Initiative's chief investment officer Maureen Bosetti in a Q&A.
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