• Pros Assess PTV Data, Sales, Pricing Issues
    Lack of data standardization is a substantially bigger hurdle to programmatic TV's speed of adoption than incompatibilities with the traditional TV selling/buying process was one takeaway from industry pros on a panel during the latest BIA/Kelsey webinar updating developments in PTV.
  • TV/Video Viewers: Data Vs. Assumptions
    As television and video content blur into "T-video" and viewing habits become even more fragmented, sometimes-erroneous assumptions are bound to pop up. During MediaPost's OMMA TV Insider Summit, GfK's Karen Ramspacher reported on research that sets the record straight.
  • Turner: Measurement Side Needs To Step Up For Audience Deals
    Turner and other media companies are investing heavily to be able to sell much of their inventory through targeted audience-based deals in the near future - and they need measurement partners to step up to that challenge, says Dan Aversano, SVP of ad innovation and programmatic solutions for Turner.
  • Livestreaming: Already Changing The TV Mindset
    Livestreaming is starting to earn a place alongside traditional television programming formats and channels, and will only grow in importance, according to three media pros on a panel at MediaPost's OMMA Video event.
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