• Media Researchers' Takes On VAB's Cross-Media Metric Proposal
    ABI asked three respected media research analysts for their takes on the Video Advertising Bureau's proposal to adopt average audience per minute as a "common currency" for evaluating audience claims across television and digital media.
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    U.S. International Media (USIM) is spearheading a test for a retail client using data beyond age and gender to target audiences in the broadcast television environment.
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    One of the biggest challenges in the move toward programmatic or automated buying is that media planners and buyers alike are simultaneously blessed and challenged by the proliferating third-party and first-party data sources and platforms in play.
  • CPGs Moving To Leverage Advanced Data, While Waiting For TV Scale
    Srishti Gupta, president of the IRI Media Center of Excellence, discusses the progress and remaining challenges in harnessing consumer purchasing and other beyond-demographics data in television -- particularly in a programmatic environment.