• Premium Programmatic? Don't Hold Your Breath
    While the television inventory available through programmatic buying has indisputably broadened in the past year, in particular, some pros believe that the industry may be reaching an availability "plateau" at this point
  • Connected TV, Data Come To The Aid Of The Parties
    Firms that manage databases on each side of the political aisle announced partnerships with television data providers, enabling campaigns to use viewership behavior to target specific consumer segments on connected TV platforms.
  • Let The Games Begin: TV's Revolution Plays Out Before Our Eyes
    NBC's press briefing on August 11 -- Day 6 of the Rio games -- was notable for its confirmation of how streaming, mobile devices and social media are starting to transform a half-century of traditional television distribution and viewing practices.
  • Local Programmatic TV: All of National's Challenges ... And More
    A BIA/Kelsey report released this week forecasts that local PTV will start to take off over the next three years, building momentum along the way.
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