• Pairing Addressable TV And Mobile; Addressable's Challenges
    Starcom Mediavest Group supervisor Daniel Solarz reported some outcomes from a cross-channel campaign, and discussed addressable's current limitations at MediaPost's TV Insider Summit.
  • Does Addressable TV Work? SMG Shares Results
    addressable "is real, and it's here," and it's in many cases producing measurable lifts in sales and return on advertising spending (ROAS), as well as in KPIs, reports Daniel Solarz, supervisor, Starcom Mediavest Group/SMG.
  • OTT Planning And Buying: The Dream Vs. Current Realities
    Entrenched methods and silos, as well as scale, budget, standardization and measurement limitations, must all be overcome before OTT can really take off, according to a panel at MediaPost's Television Insider Summit.
  • Intermediaries: Adding Value, Or Just Complexity?
    The current value and limitations, and future prospects, of intermediaries working with media and media buyers were the focus of a recent MediaPost Television Insider Summit session titled: "How Many Middlemen Does It Take To Screw Up TV?"
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