• Turner: Measurement Side Needs To Step Up For Audience Deals
    Turner and other media companies are investing heavily to be able to sell much of their inventory through targeted audience-based deals in the near future - and they need measurement partners to step up to that challenge, says Dan Aversano, SVP of ad innovation and programmatic solutions for Turner.
  • For PTV, 2016 Brought Advanced Data Advancement
    Over the course of this year, we've reported on a number of test buys driven by the demand for greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The Shape of TV Measurement To Come: Part 2
    What measurement methods and metrics make sense for the new TV landscape? A recent MediaPost panel explored this issue ... and more.
  • The Shape Of TV Measurement To Come
    The nature of television and viewership are morphing, but a serious lag in measurement capabilities is impeding marketers' ability to leverage the new dynamics, says George Musi, SVP, head of analytics and insight at Optimedia.
  • Reaching The Elusive 'TVideo' Viewer
    While content delivery and ad insertion technologies for TV and video will eventually merge, that's years away. How are media buy- and sell-side strategies evolving in the meantime?
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