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Jon Mandel

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  • A Clean, Well-Lighted Insight On Using Digital Data in Show Daily on 06/13/2014

    Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist of Dstillery, shed some light on the right way to look at the digital behavioral data marketers use to target consumers during the "Rewiring" panel at the RTB Insider Summit on Kiawah Island, SC. And she used a light to do it. Noting that raw "clicks" aren't necessarily the best metric to use for that, Perlich said, "If you want clicks, throw ads on the flashlight app [on smartphones]," she said, adding, "The are a whole lot of people fumbling in the dark."

  • Data Finds Active Voters, At The Ballot Box And Cash Register in Marketing: Politics on 03/18/2014

    When Barack Obama won reelection in the fall of 2012, the marketing world took notice of the tactics the campaign used to reach voters, especially on TV. Two years later, political advertisers are lining up to use the same tactics in the mid-term elections. Meanwhile, traditional brand advertisers are still looking to develop similar solutions that leverage their data to find the best consumer audience.

  • You Can't Do Programmatic TV Without Good Data in MediaDailyNews on 03/18/2014

    Cox just announced that it will sell TV inventory programmatically. This should be good news for TV advertisers, as it signals progress for an industry that is still stuck in the stone age. However, the truth is that simply overlaying current metrics and data within a more automated system doesn't give advertisers a better result - it just makes it easier to make poor buying choices.

  • Customer Loyalty Powers Predictable ROI in Future of Media on 09/18/2012

  • Savvy Media Buyers Benefit From C3 Ratings in MediaDailyNews on 05/31/2011

    But like any industry shift, the savviest TV players are taking advantage of the impending media research changes to outdo their rivals. And the financial rewards are enormous.

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  • Empirical Data Proves TV Now As Accountable As Digital, Brands Can Have Their 'Cake, Eat It Too' by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 03/04/2015)

    Ed, you touched on the key....sometimes researchers try to look at too many variables. The key is keep it simple. One variable at a time. Strict, clean test/control. Just like if you are trying to find a cure for a disease. Then after the single variables are handled you can start looking at 2, then 3, etc together. Steve-attribution is usually bull shit. You can due more with stb than aggregated. You can pii friendly match homes viewing (and people better than most think) people viewing to purchases, webpages, searches, etc. Plus remember the concept of strict scientific methodology...hard science like physics not soft sciences like marketing has been previously due to technical limitations. The key is to not make the mistake of confusing correlation and coincidence with causality.

  • Empirical Data Proves TV Now As Accountable As Digital, Brands Can Have Their 'Cake, Eat It Too' by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 03/04/2015)

    Ed-at PD, we could do it on virtually any type of KPI. You can even set up simple perfectly matched sub-dma mini-markets to do test and control where you only change one variable at a time but what we found was clients did that for about two weeks and said let's just roll it national because the results can be staggering. You can measure just total sales, you can measure website visits if you want, for autos I have seen people look at visits to showrooms and numbers of people using the car configurer on the model's website, there are tons of things you can choose as your measure instead of the mere proxies of "brand awareness" and gobbledy gook like that. The results are truly staggering. Our biggest new business problem is the gains didn't seem credible. The LOWEST gain in top line sales we saw for a client was 9%. The highest was literally 72%. Those were numbers counted by the client in actual sales increases. The big vs small ratings is simply a function of targetability. Truly broader based consumer goods could use bigger rated programming. But when you are targeting on over 400 variables it is unlikely that you would get truly broad. Also interesting is the anti-targeting you can choose to do or avoid. Plenty of cosmetic advertisers would buy one show in particular but in truth it was only right on age (they wanted 18-34 and the show was 31) but virtually every other variable spoke to the age is right but the audience was absolutely non-cosmetic buyers. Part of the efficiency gain is avoiding the non-buyer.

  • Fox Stations Poised To Drop Nielsen, Go Exclusively With Rentrak by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 06/30/2014)

    Ed, my recent in market experience proves that what you are suggesting is true even for those who still use Nielsen. On a majority of brands, using Nielsen age gender numbers resulted in buys that were targeted to brand purchasers/ likely to buy/ pick any segment you want worse than if programs had been selected statistically randomly. On the others, it was only slightly better than random selection. That is using national Nielsen. Using local is even uglier. Using STB and all kinds of HH information we drove brand sales by double digits. Just because Nielsen tries to count viewership and reports it doesn't mean it is even close to an approximation of reality.

  • It's The DMP, Stupid by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 09/13/2013)

    Tom, Don't ignore that TV is losing business because its effect is known in general but not using this data and our technology the advertiser can predict with accuracy and achieve and know the results driven by TV. They also know the incremental lift generated by TV across other media. This creates satisfied customers which changes demand. Further, by surgically targeting TV is affordable for brands that can't use the medium due to cost of old-fashioned targeting. And the revenue increases enjoyed by our clients has frankly been of an order that almost sounds not credible yet they are very real. It has been true since advertising started that when a client's business grows the budget grows in the areas that deliver that growth

  • The Magic & Wizardry Of Attribution by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 11/28/2012)

    Cory-It isn't wizardry. PrecisionDemand has been doing offline and online attribution for three years. And not through wizardry mumbo jumbo but real sales effect measured at the cash register/order page and real media...not theory. But Swiss precision, Swiss neutrality. It isn't wizardry it is hard science.

  • Autumn Brings New Shows And Spot-Level Attribution To TV -- Finally! by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 10/11/2012)

    And Michelle, PrecisionDemand. Which also does far more extensive than others as it ties directly into sales without using proxies.

  • CBS, Nielsen Drill Into Consumer-Product Relationship by Wayne Friedman (MediaDailyNews on 08/03/2011)

    At the end of the day, Nielsen fusions are predominately based on age/sex because their samples aren't robust enough to get enough other "hooks" to fuse with. Therefore, while an admirable effort it is still basically age/sex. That is why people need to start using the better research that is already available as opposed to just using the antiquated system they know how to "game."

  • Cablevision Petitions FCC For Retrans Reform by Wayne Friedman (MediaDailyNews on 05/26/2011)

    Typical short sighted move...if the retrains fees are made public then the cable carriage fees will be made public. Then a la carte will come as people rebel against networks they are paying for and don't watch (msg?). There will be no new cable networks and some of the bigger ones will die or at least not be able to produce programming that brought viewers/fees in the first place. And cable mso's will lose their reason to exist.

  • CW, Ford Drive Net's Biggest Marketing Push by Wayne Friedman (MediaDailyNews on 04/04/2011)

    Actually not the first time. Only if one feels the CW has no roots in The WB. Many years ago, K Mart used the talent from across the entire network and had product placement throughout shows in a deal done when Bob and Lew were there and Paul Guyardo was at K Mart. And it also worked for the the network as their shows were promoted in stores and throughout various magazines. K Mart sold out of all of the product and the network garnered much higher ratings.

  • Irwin Gotlieb: No More ARPU Available From Digital Goods by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 10/28/2010)

    This is only half right. It is right that ARPU is close to some kind of max. That said, addressablitly will not save the industry. Quite simply, it is right that it will make ads more effective so more product could be sold. However, I propose there is also TRPU, CRPU,IRPU, CCRPU...there is a toothpaste revenue per user that is limited by how many times people can brush in a day, car revenue per user based on how many cars a year people can buy, insurance revenue per user based on how many lives that user has to insure, and credit card per user based on how many charge cards can be approved for an individual. Thus while addressability will make advertising more efficient, it will do so by cutting out the audience that is not a product user. Thus total costs for advertising go down and advertising is more efficient as it is better targeted. But that does not help the media seller. The way that addressablity helps the seller if it can slice and dice advertising into small enough appropriately targeted pieces that new advertisers can afford to come in. The beauty of Google wasn't just what they are really known for, the beauty was that they brought a zillion new advertisers into a medium.

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