Email Marketing Daily Editions for May 2019
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, May 31, 2019
Eight Tools To Help Build Email Marketing ROI
Email Marketing To The Managed Inbox
Federal Privacy Bill Not Likely To Be Passed Soon: Analysis
Trolling For Customers: Retailers Spend More For Acquisition Than Retention
Validity Closes Return Path Purchase, Gains New Investment
Personalization Is Easier In Email Than Other Channels, Study Finds
Agari Hires Doug Jones For New Development Role
Google Fights Attempt To Revive Battle Over Click Fraud
Brand Safety Handbook Finds Significant Reputation Risk, Offers Guidelines
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 30, 2019
The Role Of Email In A Multi-Channel Strategy
Gmail's Confidential Mode Will Extended By Default For G Suite Users
Deep Content: A Dive Into Goals And Success Metrics
SmarterHQ Launches Tools To Help Email Marketers Move Into Mobile
New Analytics Tool Helps Brands Track Engaging Colors And Visuals
'Tampa Bay Times' Upgrades Its DayStarter Email Newsletter
Facebook Weighs Options For 'Privacy-Focused' Platform
North Face Apologizes For Wikipedia Search Marketing Blunder
Seven Steps To CAN-SPAM Compliance
Apple, Google, Microsoft Condemn UK Proposal To Eavesdrop On Encrypted Messages
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Movable Ink Teams Up With Pega To Drive Visual Offers In Email And On The Web
Other Regulatory Threats Will Follow GDPR
Gen Z: Wary Of Business, But Eager To See Values In Action
Using Email To Build Gradual Growth
New SMS Tool Allows Inbound And Outbound Political Messaging
LinkedIn Buys Drawbridge To Build On Growth And Expand Analytics Capabilities
Why B2B Marketers Were More Innovative 10 Years Ago
Cyber Mayhem: Firms Are Being Harmed By Phishing Attacks
Former Google, Amazon Executive Appointed Walmart CTO
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Upland Software Acquires Kapost For $50 Million
Ads In Emails Work Only When They're Relevant: Expert
Facebook Confers With Winklevoss Twins On Cryptocurrency: Report
How To Get Your Email Surveys Noticed
Sovos Acquires E-Invoicing Firm Foriba
Salesforce Crash Shows Pitfalls Of Cloud Software: Opinion
iTunes Users Sue Apple Over Privacy
GDPR's FIrst Year: Opens 54 Investigations Into Data Compliance, Many Target Facebook, Twitter
Search And The Path To Purchase
The GDPR Saga: Most Of The Fines Have Been Small In First Year
The Case For Using Background Images In Email Newsletters
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, May 24, 2019
Bigmouth Marketing: How To Run Controversial Email Campaigns
Google Restores Baltimore City Gmail Accounts It Took Down
Email Beats Ecommerce For B2B Buying, Purchase Errors Abound Online: Study
'New York Times' Presses For Information About Net Neutrality Comments
GDPR Is Not The Monster Firms Dreaded: Analysis
Five Email Lead Nurturing Tactics
Salesforce Debuts Datorama Marketplace
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 23, 2019
Americans Remain Suspicious That Their Data Is Being Misused: Study
Case Study: Champion Undertakes Digital Transformation
Digital Remedy Names David Zapletal To C-Suite Title
Loyalty Points Growing As Currency On The Dark Web
Indiana Analytics Platform Sponsors Indy 500 Team
Using Customer Data To Boost Email Personalization
Google Faces Scrutiny In Ireland Over GDPR
Copper, CRM Tool Developer For G Suite, Snares $15 Million in Funding
GDPR Impact: Global App Audiences Grow Nearly 17% Y-O-Y
Webinar Impresarios: Driving Attendance With Email
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 22, 2019
AI, Oh Why? Forrester Reports On What Brands Are Doing Wrong
TalkTalk Failed To Notify Thousands Of Customers Of Data Breach: BBC
GDPR Inspires Confidence In Many Consumers, But 35% Opt Out Of Email
Zendesk Acquires Smooch, Enhances CRM Platform
Google Apologizes For Saving Readable G-Suite Passwords For 14 Years
Sen. Hawley Introduces Do-Not-Track Legislation
Emotion-Driven Engagement And Customer Loyalty, It's Not Necessarily What You Think
How To Personalize Across All Channels
Don't Let Off-Kilter Algorithms Ruin Your Personalization
Gen Z Believe 'Intrusive' Digital Advertising Will Not Improve
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Getting Ready For GDPR-Outside of Europe
Three Bad Email Marketing Mistakes
Too Big To Act Small: SMBs Spend Little Time And Money On Marketing
Gmail Sends Sign-In Alerts -- By Mistake
No Difference In Email Since GDPR, Consumers Say
Email 'Inventor' And Techdirt Settle Their Case
Google Trust Issues Heat Up As LinkedIn Becomes Increasingly Transparent
How Email Personalization Can Help Banks
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, May 20, 2019
Salesforce Restores Service After Outage
How To Reach Generation Z By Email
Millennials And Gen Z-ers Distrust Businesses: Study
Businesses Fear Impact of Citizenship Question On Census
Criteo Names Martin EVP Of Its Retail Media Group
Happy Birthday GDPR, We'd Forgotten You Were Here
Google Ushers In The Era Of Anticipatory Marketing
Forever Free? Mailchimp Now Charges For Unsubscribed Emails
Microsoft Upgrades Its Outlook App For Android
Abortion Debate Moves North Of Border In Canadian Email
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, May 17, 2019
Google Responds To Reports That It Logs Retail Purchase Receipts Sent To Gmail
White House Seeks To Add Tech Bias Complainants To Email Newsletter List
The New Privacy Laws And Email Marketing
Google Has A List Of Everything Purchased When Merchants Email You The Receipt
Study: Shoppers Welcome Email Updates On Delivery
Malware Ring Charged In Europe And The U.S.
Booker Email Calls NYC 'Newark's Suburb'
Analysis Reveals 'Brand Safety' Takes Many Forms
Page Load Times, Technology Are Major Ranking Factors In Google Search Results
Dumb And Dumber: Consumers Are Ignorant About Privacy, Expert Says
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