Marketing D2C Weekly Editions for November 2019
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Nov. 25, 2019
D2Cs: Faster Than Legacy Brands, But Surprisingly Traditional
Former Casper Execs To Launch Jinx, D2C 'Wellness' Dog Food
Going To Boston Proper: An Email Case Study
Holiday Sales Will Be Largely Online And Driven By Price, Global Study Finds
Consumers Are Moving Online This Year, Welcome Emails: Study
Few Holiday Emails Feature Black Friday Themes: Study
Brands Feel Heat From CCPA: Less Than Half Are Ready For It, Study Says
Gen Z Eager To Shop In Physical Stores
Counter-Programming Black Friday: This Year's Playbook
Warby Parker Moves Into Contacts
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Nov. 18, 2019
Beardbrand Looks For Wisdom In Whiskers
For The Man Who Has Everything, From Dollar Shave Club: The Robloncho?
Walmart Gains On Amazon But Grapples With Costs
Amazon Most Valuable Brand, Passing Apple and Google
D2Cs Shift Strategy In Order To Achieve Scale, Sustainability
How A Brand Developed A Recipe For Healthy Growth
Expanding the Brand: Data-Driven Product Development
CRM As A Business Strategy
First, Build.... Make, Sell, Learn, Repeat
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Nov. 11, 2019
Tinder Scoring Big With Gen Z Content
Unilever's Dollar Shave Club, Kraft's Devour Brand Slammed For Pornhub Ads
Influencer Marketing Has Peaked -- Here's What's Next
Tips For New D2C Brands: Making It In Today's Market
D2C Issues A Creative Wakeup Call -- Can You Hear It?
Study: Consumers Report When Brand Ads Annoy Them
Shutterfly's First Campaign In 3 Years Challenges Holiday Social Norms
'Taste Of Home' Launches Digital Brand 'Bakeable'
Channel Etiquette: It Pays To Give Consumers What They Want: Twilio Study
Most Marketers Have Email Attribution In Place, But Still Lag At Measurement: Study
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Nov. 4, 2019
The Unboxing Paradox: Surprise Beats Convenience
With New Billie Campaign, Women Muscle Into Movember
Surprise: Storytelling In Ads Not Always Best Choice
Study: Shoppers Need Product Info About 'Jobs To Be Done'
Etsy Offers Hotline To Humanize Gift-Giving
Identity Theft Email Attacks Rose In Third Quarter, Study Finds
4 Key Design Lessons From 2020 DNC Candidates
Email, The Empathy Channel
Sustainability Is The New Black
Cyber Santa: Adobe Predicts An Online Bonanza
You Can Do Better Than An 85% Email Deliverability Rate