• PIBFocus: Winners, Sinners in the Magazine Game
    This month at MEDIA, we chose to take a panoramic view of the winners and losers in the magazine industry, according to 2001 figures from the Publishers Information Bureau. The data below ranks the best and worst by the percentage of revenue and pages either gained or lost. Yes, there have been winners lately, demonstrating that good media ideas can still find an audience under any circumstance. While there have been successful launches in the past two years — Condé Nast’s Lucky and Hearst’s O — The Oprah Magazine among them — it’s almost as impressive when older books …
  • FutureTool: Not on a Tear: Electronic Tear Sheets
    For as long as there have been newspapers, tear sheets have been used to confirm to advertisers that their ads have run. It’s a laborious and costly process that involves everything from the manpower needed to physically send the tear sheets to increasing the press run just to supply them. But now there are electronic tear sheets, which send the sheets online electronically so they can be verified digitally. Based on the market penetration of electronic tear sheets, you’d think they were brand-new, but in fact the concept is a few years old. John Kimball, a senior vice president …
  • StartupCloseup: Tennis Channel, Anyone?
    New channel looks for love in the cable universe.
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