• Media Circus: TV Shows I's Like to SEE
    Remember when TV was young and networks took genuine risks? Where is the chutzpah these days that once resulted in wacky-premise shows like The Munsters, I Dream of Jeannie or My Mother the Car? With another fall lineup composed mostly of the same old tired formats and ideas, here’s a look at some TV shows we’d really like to see: MTVBush League (reality, :60). Everyone’s got a bad habit to kick and rules to skirt, and the Bush girls — Jeb’s daughter Noelle and Dubya’s Barbara and Jenna — show how it’s done in Bush League. With miniature …
  • People Profile: Dan Rank
    Who says cross-media doesn't work?
  • Agency Profile: Michael Alan Group
    Guerrilla marketing firm aims for the big time.
  • Agency Profile: Michael Alan Group
    Guerrilla marketing firm aims for the big time.
  • Comparing The Data
    The race is on to catch year-end predictions.
  • Commentary: Media for a New World
    The Noble Quest for Integration
  • Behind the Numbers: Apples and Oranges?
    Is there any value in comparing reach and ratings of different media?
  • Market Focus: New Moms
    Marketers help new moms give babies "the very best."
  • Brand Spotlight: Chevy and Corvette Hit the American Road
    Talk about American brands! Chevrolet and its flagship brand — the Corvette — have been an integral part of our cultural landscape for many decades. Thanks to Chuck Berry, Don McLean, The Beach Boys and Prince, Chevy and Corvette are bona fide cultural icons. It’s no wonder the automaker decided to draw on that fame in its new ad campaigns. Two major marketing and advertising initiatives are on the way from Chevy and the Corvette brand. First, Corvette is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Second, Chevy will break with the tried-and-true Detroit practice of focusing advertising on …
  • Handicapping the Fall Lineup
    Network TV’s first fall lineup post 9/11 reflects a renewed reliance on safer, more traditional fare, and while the new season certainly won’t dazzle viewers with edginess or originality, it should produce more than a few hits. This year the major webs have ceded "alternative" programming to the cable channels. There won’t be any attempts to emulate Queer as Folk or Six Feet Under. For that matter, there won’t be any new courtroom dramas to unnerve audiences with knotty moral or ethical problems. And sinister spy dramas that hint at top-level government conspiracies will be conspicuous …
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