• Frontiers: Reports From the Media Fontier
    iTV‘Madison’s Wedding’ on Demandby Lee Hall, lee@deadlinemedia.net It's amazing what people will do when they have something new. Take the curious case of "Madison's Wedding," a locally produced video-on-demand project on Time Warner Cable's Raleigh, N.C., system. "Madison's Wedding" documents the marriage of Madison Lane, a popular radio personality in the market. The video, all 98 minutes of it, was offered for sale to the cable company's 130,000 customers. An experiment, said Time Warner Cable. A promotion, said WDCG-FM, Lane's station. Backed by a ton of on-air mentions on the ...
  • Commentary: Media for a New World
    Outdoor Aims to Measure Up
  • Commentary: Media Soapbox
    Taking on Radio Consolidation
  • Research: Behind the Numbers, Cable and Broadcast Television
    Sizing up a close race.
  • Market Focus: Hispanics Growing in Buying Power
    But beware, advertising to this population requires research and sensitivity.
  • People Profile: Alan Gould
    New Venture Looks to Shake Up TV Ad Measurement.
  • Agency Profile: Fallon New York
    Making Waves, Not Just Ads.
  • Healthy Turbulence in the Friendly Skies
    If you took representatives from every airline in the world and put them in a big room, it would be a miserable affair these days. Not only is the industry still feeling aftershocks from Sept. 11, it is suffering from anemic revenues from a flat-out price war. And it is suffering from a marketing and advertising malaise that is hard to quantify but easy to see when you look at the dearth of innovation in campaigns and strategies. With some notable exceptions. "We’re very self-conscious about our success," says JetBlue marketing VP Amy Curtis-McIntyre. "We would ...
  • Auto Ads Grind Gears
    That cool, glossy image is being revamped.
  • Tools & Resources: Startup Closeup: In Touch Weekly
    Magazine hopes to snag internet generation.
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