• StartupCloseup: Anime Network
    Hard-edged cartoons that appeal to adults and kids.
  • HowTo...
    Sponsor an Action Sports Star
  • HotProperty:Trading Spaces
    TLC wouldn't trade this show for anything.
  • Current Thinking
    Social ID
  • Future Tool
    Talking Movie Posters
  • Interactive Television: A Primer
    A review of the technologies and promises that await advertisers that are willing to try this new medium.
  • Media Soapbox: Hacking Across the Pond
    Emily Booth is associate editor of Revolution Magazine UK. Brits have a knack as hacks. And they're exporting that know-how to the U.S. in waves. Few things epitomize it more than the Stateside success of so-called lads' mags such as FHM and Maxim. It seems that a staple diet of girls, jokes, girls, cars, girls, and music sells men's mags by the bucketload, whichever country you're in. While Arena, Esquire, and GQ summed up the big-spending, big-watch-wearing Ô80s, the likes of loaded lowered the tone and …
  • At Issue: Which is the stronger medium cable or broadcast?
    The share of audience between the two media has become equal, will the dollars follow?
  • Agency Profile: Leapfrog Advertising
    Filling the agency-void for small and medium-sized companies.
  • Market Focus: Golfers
    On the surface, golf appears to be a healthy game, and the people who play it certainly constitute a desirable audience worthy of advertisers’ attention.
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