• MEDIA's Agency of the Year 2010: Supplier: Facebook
    Do we really have to tell you why Facebook is MEDIA Magazine's 2010 Media Supplier of the Year? Perhaps we should let some of our "friends" explain it. "Facebook is an uber portal," declares Dave Marsey, senior vice president/media director at Digitas Chicago. "It's the first place we go to in the morning and the last place we go to before we go to bed."
  • MEDIA's Agency of the Year 2010: Client: Pepsi
    Britney's belly didn't make it to the Big Game, but because she didn't, down in Hattiesburg, Miss., Homes of Hope for Children, Inc. is building a safe haven for kids.
  • MEDIA's Agency of the Year 2010: Hyper-Local: Geomentum
    At a time when most of Madison Avenue seems focused on a distant, almost astronomical view of the media universe, Interpublic's Geomentum unit has flipped the marketing telescope 180-degrees, turning it, in effect, into an electron microscope. Hold on to that metaphor for a moment, if you will, because it will help explain why MEDIA has named Geomentum one of its agencies of the year for 2010. If the past century of marketing science has been the advertising industry's equivalent of astrophysics (you know, "think global"), then Geomentum is all about quantum mechanics ("act local"). Actually, it's about hyper local …
  • MEDIA's Agency of the Year 2010: Out-Of-Home: Posterscope
    If Madison Avenue has had a stepchild medium, it has surely been out-of-home. With the exception of the occasional attention-getting spectacular, out-of-home media planning and buying has typically been relegated to a back-office specialty department often seen as tactical and far removed from the strategic planning process that shapes the underlying communications plan of most consumer brands.
  • MEDIA's Agency of the Year 2010: Shopper Agency: Shopper Sciences
    Picture this scene: A group of savvy Madison Avenue types huddle in a conference room to whiteboard a plan for creating the "agency of the future." The plan starts with recruiting someone who really understands how marketers are grappling with the way technology is altering how consumers shop for their products and services, say, the CMO of one of the nation's biggest retailers. Then take that CMO and immerse him in a new media lab where he will be exposed to the kind of bleeding-edge technologies that will further transform the consumer shopping experience and the ability of marketers to …
  • MEDIA's Agency of the Year 2010: Independent Media Services: TargetCast
    TargetCast tcm entered 2010 as something of an anomaly: an old-school independent media services agency. The kind that used to be quite common in the advertising industry during the '60s, '70s, '80s and early '90s, before the mega agency holding companies began unbundling their media services into free-standing units, which in turn began acquiring and consolidating the best of the media independents. The old-school positioning was by design, because TargetCast founders Steve Farella and Audrey Siegel - renegades from big Madison Avenue shops - saw it as a unique opportunity whose time had come - again.
  • MEDIA's Agency of the Year 2010: Holding Company: Mediabrands
    MEDIA has selected Interpublic's Mediabrands as its "agency holding company of the year" - for the second consecutive year - but a more apt honor might be the "anti-holding company of the year." That's because, with the exception of certain centralized resources and financial disciplines, Mediabrands hasn't been operating much like traditional holding company, which typically is all about gaining operating efficiencies while aggregating market share. Yes, Mediabrands does that too, but what differentiates the organization from the rest of Madison Avenue is the entrepreneurial spirit that pervades everything it does. In effect, it operates more like a ventures group …
  • MEDIA's Agency of the Year 2010: MPG
    The word "collaborator" might not be the first one that comes to mind as an attribute for an agency of the year, much less one that is owned by the French, but it has proved to be one of the strongest qualities differentiating MPG from the rest of the media agency world, and it is the main reason why we've picked it as our media agency of the year in 2010 - and for the second consecutive year.
  • The Greatest Story Never Told
    We are the stories we tell, and the stories others tell about us. Well, we are certainly more than that, but a good part of how we think about people and the organizations they are part of, is the stories we build up about them over time. What follows is the best stories we came across about the agencies and agents who did the most over the past year to shape the way people use media to tell stories about brands. It is nothing more than that. It is not very scientific. But it is very human. We depended on …
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