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    FutureToolAddressable Spot Cable TV Advertisingby Paul J. Gough The ability to target TV ads has moved from a shotgun to a rifle and finally to a laser beam approach with the promise of addressable TV advertising for the spot cable market. A deal signed last December now allows spot cable rep firm National Cable Communications to test technology from Visible World and SeaChange International. The technology gives advertisers the ability to put together different versions of commercials and deliver them to customers in different geographic zones using cable TV availability. The manufacturers say …
  • Media Soapbox
    Why eBay Works and Amazon Doesn't
  • Magazines: From Mayday to Payday
    How a few crucial fixes can make for stronger magazines and, in turn, easier picks for print buyers.
  • Celebratingthe New Year with Horizon Media
    No longer the small, independent media buying firm, 2002 proved it could compete against anyone.
  • Traditional: Reports From the Media Frontiers
    Cross-MediaViacom Leverages Assetsby Frank Saxe, frank_saxe@yahoo.com Cross-media deals — even huge cross-media deals — are here to stay, at least according to Viacom’s new executive in charge of cross-media. “At Viacom, it’s now not a matter of if cross-platform, it’s a question of when,” says Lisa McCarthy, senior VP of Viacom Plus. Indeed, Viacom has spent billions of dollars in the past five years building a multimedia giant, capped by its June 2000 purchase of CBS, Inc. Today, it bills roughly $1 billion in cross-media sales, stretching from its TV and cable assets to outdoor and …
  • Media for the New World
    When Good Celebrities Go Bad
  • Can Advertisers Still Score With Super Bowl Ads?
    Two-thirds of America will be watching the premiere TV event of the year — should your ad be there?
  • Behind the Numbers: Digital Marketing Insight
    Online reach and frequency — important, yet still so complicated.
  • Traditional: Tools and Resources
    FutureToolGist Communications and Etronicaby Paul J. Gough A partnership between two technology firms may lead to improved set-top boxes and a new tool for advertising. Gist Communications and Etronica recently announced the deal, which would allow viewers to find specific programs on related subjects. Electronic program guides are nothing new. They’ve been available on cable for a while, often with an infomercial playing in a small window somewhere in the screen. They’re also a staple in satellite TV. In the years since the Internet gained popularity, they found their way into websites where …
  • Today's Advertising Research. Click Here Please.
    The Internet is finally finding widespread use among advertisers, not as an ad medium — yet — but as a market research tool.
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