• Traditional: Tools and Resources
    FutureToolAddressable Spot Cable TV Advertisingby Paul J. Gough The ability to target TV ads has moved from a shotgun to a rifle and finally to a laser beam approach with the promise of addressable TV advertising for the spot cable market. A deal signed last December now allows spot cable rep firm National Cable Communications to test technology from Visible World and SeaChange International. The technology gives advertisers the ability to put together different versions of commercials and deliver them to customers in different geographic zones using cable TV availability. The manufacturers say ...
  • Early Adopters
    They had a cell phone before you knew what one was.
  • Seizing the Eventage
    Retailers and magazines see event marketing as a way to extend relationships with consumers ... and boost sales too.
  • Reports From the Media Frontiers
    Cross-MediaGetting Media’s House in Orderby Steve Smith, popeyesmith@comcast.net It is so refreshing to hear a made member of the media actually say that they, not the ad industry, need to get more coherent about cross-platform ad sales. “Part of the difference has been that agencies and clients weren’t going to get behind it if they saw that the people selling it to them weren’t in agreement on it,” says Charles Tillinghast, MSNBC.com’s director of sales and marketing. When the combined sales forces of TV, print, and online came into the room together with ...
  • Media Soapbox
    Morning TV News Show Hosts Conquer Content
  • Behind the Numbers: Spanning the Generations
    Media buys should more than just 18-to-34-year-olds, think X'ers, Boomers, Seniors, and Millennials.
  • At Issue: Are Media Planners Outside Looking In?
    Industry leaders weigh-in on media’s place in the branding loop.
  • Agency Profile: Kang and Lee
    Multicultural and Simple.
  • Media Circus
    Resistance May Be Futile
  • Media Circus
    The ABC Blues
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