• Annotated: The Star Trek Phaser
    Not all fans are created equal. Some will sit passively and watch your sci-fi space epic. Others, well, they're not so passive. As we found while putting this Annotated together, a select few will obsessively research, discuss, catalog, and even write books about fictional creations. Such are the fans of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek. 
  • The Consumer: Creative is the New Creative
    Bill Bernbach was the founder of doyle dane bernbach - a giant. A man way ahead of his time. And yet he is far less famous today than, say, David Ogilvy. Maybe because unlike the mightily prolific Ogilvy, Bernbach never published any of his thoughts on advertising.
  • Step Right Up
    Big surprise. Red Bull really does give you wings, exactly as advertised. It doesn't take a genius account planner to know that trace amounts of cocaine recently found in Red Bull's new cola product will not bring down that brand. On the contrary, this special ingredient is already elevating Red Bull's status as an edgy product and energizing its die-hard fan base.
  • The Futurist: Let the Games Begin
    Sunday afternoons will never be the same. They can't be. Ever since my team got eliminated by the Ukrainians in the final bracket of our championship baseball tournament, we can't seem to hold our heads high. Well, that is if we could see each other's heads.
  • Free Agent: The Benefits of Extinction
    Call it crappy-economy-inspired paranoia, but lately I've been feeling increasingly concerned that media planners and buyers could become extinct. My worry is not that the people themselves will die out (although enough years in the ad trenches can have that effect), but that the positions they work in today will be outsourced, downsized and flat-out eliminated.
  • Becoming A Cult Brand
    It's a foolproof marketing technique - turning customers into slavish, unthinking, devoted followers of products. In other words, zombies. It's a strategy that can create legions of pod people dedicated to a particular brand, leaving all rivals in the dust. The best customer a brand could have is an actual cult follower.
  • Plugging Away: The Long and Winding Road
    Has Madison Road finally reached a dead end? The much ballyhooed entertainment marketing independent that was born in the branded content boom year of 2004, when everybody and their mother was hanging a branded-entertainment shingle, is lately rumored to have gone the way of fabled dot-com dodo birds like boo.com.
  • Do Branded Androids Dream of Branded Sheep?
    Director Ridley Scott, whose 1982 film Blade Runner has no fewer than three versions, is going back to the future - but not in a big-budget Hollywood remake. Scott recently teamed with London-based creative/marketing agency Ag8 to create "Purefold," a Blade Runner-inspired Web series set to premiere later this year. And true to its futuristic roots, the "first open media franchise," as it's being called by its creators, represents a new frontier in branded viral content: Plot synopses will be established by participating brands and disseminated online, where social networking aggregator FriendFeed.com will cull user conversations, suggestions, and ideas to ...
  • Media Marketplace: Social Without the Media
    From a historical perspective, we all know that this year will be a landmark one for business.What we don't know is just how transformative it will be for business, communications and marketing. This month, Jeffrey Dachis joins the forum. As cofounder of Razorfish, his expansive thinking helped shape the first build of the digital communications landscape.
  • Why the Crowd Is Not Always So Wise
    In mid-May, when Twitter decided to get rid of a feature from its service, it became the latest brand to discover what it's like to be in the eye of a social media firestorm. The change to "Replies" on Twitter - in which users reply, mostly in messages all of their followers can see, to one another - involved no longer showing users "Replies" between one person they were following, and one person they weren't. If it sounds esoteric, it is. But that didn't stop tens of thousands of Twitter users from complaining.
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