• Mixed Signals
    Can satellite eclipse terrestrial radio?
  • Radio Redux
    Time-shifting the static. Does the future of radio start here?
  • Upfront: It's Not What You Think
    You've heard the old joke: "how do you get to carnegie hall?" The punch line: "Practice." When cbs unveils its new primetime schedule in the hallowed hall later this month, it will be performing something it, and all the major networks, practiced and perfected a long time ago: a showbiz spectacular.
  • Contact: Naming That Tune
    What's the name of that song? You know the one. It starts out like "My baby, something-something," and then there's a part about shaking it like a Polaroid picture? What's it called?
  • Contact: Can You Ahhhh Ohhhh Hear Me Now?
    Tired of your cell phone's ring tone? Can't find one you like that everyone else isn't already using? Here's an option that'll make you stand out in a crowd ? ring moans. You've read it right; not ring tones ? ring moans. The Erotic Network, a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Frontier Network, offers ring tones of porn stars moaning, as well as X-rated wallpapers, photos, videos, horoscopes, and advice columns for cell phones.
  • Contact: Half-Time Bathroom Breaks Pay Off
    Soon after the average baseball fan enters the stadium, stops by the concession stand, and finds their seat, chances are they will soon make their first visit to the restroom. In fact, studies show that most sports fans visit the restroom an average of 2.3 times during a normal nine-inning Major League Baseball game. Countless companies looking for relatively inexpensive, but highly effective exposure are now finding it on the walls of both the men and women's restrooms of the nation's sports stadiums.
  • Contact: Integrating In-Store Media
    Walk into any Wal-Mart these days and you're bound to notice the large-screen TVs placed strategically throughout the store. Peering up at one, an aol-sponsored live concert comes on. The video engages you enough that you sidle down to the music/electronics department to search for the artist's latest cd. You spot it and notice free cds for aol membership. The AOL CD cover promotes a new single from your favorite artist released exclusively to aol members. Backstage concert photo collages, or links to a free song download might also be offered. It's too good to pass up, so you grab …
  • Contact: Opt-In Mobile Messager
    Chuck rieger found the inspiration for his patented method to send geographically specific content via cell phone after a casual drive through unfamiliar territory left him wanting to know more about the surrounding area. The Stanford Ph.D., with an expertise in artificial intelligence, combined the global positioning satellite capability of mobile phones, data connectivity, and other technologies to come up with a slightly more commercialized product billed as a "permission-based, geo-targeted mobile marketing solution."
  • Contact: Hitting the Spot
    Lately we've been getting confused as to whether nbc's "The Apprentice" is a reality tv show, or if Donald Trump's boardroom is one big product shill. He incites a Pavlovian response in us when he tells his latest victim, "you're fired," after introducing us to many new, tasty products on a weekly basis.
  • Contact: MSN Search Hums Along
    Earlier this year, Microsoft, and its agency McCann-Erickson, San Fran-cisco, sought the right music to accompany a campaign for the msn Search Engine. It needed to entertain viewers, but most of all it had to inspire them to try msn Search. McCann turned to Hum, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based company that specializes in "music branding."
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