• The Whirl From Ipanema
    If necessity is the mother of invention, it should come as no surprise that Latin America is a hot contender for the New Next as far as creativity is concerned.
  • Formerly Known As
    The new government of the nation long known as Burma changed the country's name to Myanmar in 1989, following a military junta and the bloody massacre of pro-democracy demonstrators.
  • Friendly Skywriters
    Mama nature sighed in relief when the Association of Travel Marketing Executives axed the print edition of its twice-yearly publication, Travel Marketing Decisions, which had gone out to 750 members and several hundred industry execs.
  • In The Bag
    Gmail is crawling with spiders. And spiders freak me out. A friend of mine recently e-mailed me from the airport in Miami, where she was traveling to attend a wedding.
  • Premature Ejection
    When Penthouse editor-in-chief Mark Healy first quit and was then ignominiously escorted from the building at One Penn Plaza in Manhattan this October, his departure raised a few eyebrows.
  • Crowd Control
    In an effort to separate Chevy from the crowd of advertisers at this year's World Series on Fox, the creative minds over at GM Planworks used, well - the crowd.
  • No Jacket Required
    The law firm Foley Hoag wants its identity back, and it's loosening up to get it.
  • Colbert Calls an Audible
    Stephen Colbert's name may not be appearing on the presidential ballot any time soon, but if book sales were votes he'd be a shoe-in.
  • Take Your Hands Off of My Stack
    When they said "green" we thought they meant trees, but NBC Universal's weeklong "Green is Universal" campaign brought in an extra $10 million from national advertisers.
  • Writers on the Storm
    While writers - including high-profile ones - walked picket lines as the strike against Hollywood studios continued, advertisers started to get concerned about how it might affect them.
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