• The Girl-Market Gap
    Okay, listen up all you teen marketers. Girls are on to you. They're tired of ads that underestimate and insult their intelligence. They want ads that are authentic, true and funny, but not over the top.
  • Give a Damn
    Apparently, you damn well better believe Canadian Club isn't your mother's whisky - it's your father's.
  • The Buzz: Year Of Zeros And Heroes
    As the end of the year approaches, I can't help but anticipate the trends of 2008. Last year, the trends that I coined included Technoholics (the increasing obsession with anything tech-related), Massclusivity (exclusive products designed for the masses), Celeb-Zero (the loss in value of celebrity status), and Wharholism (the ability for anyone to obtain their 15 minutes of fame).
  • Plugging Away: Some Like It Hot
    Alissa Quart is sitting at a café on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in direct sunlight on a blazing Indian summer afternoon wearing sunglasses, a coat, drinking a cup of hot coffee - one can almost see waves of heat rising from her body.
  • On the Record: Who Could Care Less?
    The empowered consumer is something we have heard a good deal about since the web took hold. As a concept it stands up to a certain amount of scrutiny. More people are accessing more information to inform more decisions in their everyday lives, including what to buy and what not to buy. Gone are the days when the salesman had the deck completely stacked in his favor and the consumer had to rely on trust and dumb luck.
  • Media Metrics: Boardroom, Meet Blogroom
    By now, much of the advertising world is hip to the benefits of digital media, even if it's hard to keep up with each new iteration. We've all traveled pretty quickly from digital experimentation to proven return-on-investment to the need to closely integrate online and offline communications.
  • Insight: A Modest Proposal
    Jonathan Swift, the 18th-century author of "Gulliver's Travels," once quipped that "A fool can ask more questions than the wisest man can answer." Each time I think of that perceptive and witty remark, it still makes me smile. But to be honest, whenever I start a completely new total communications project, I am awash with questions.
  • Gestalt: So Long, Santa Sucker
    Dear Santa: I'm not sure how to say this, but well, I'm 14, and this will be the last letter I write you.
  • Free Agent: Collaborate or Die
    A realization hit me as I started on the road home. Hours and even days after leaving the first-ever connection-planning conference, hosted by New Orleans agency Trumpet, I still could feel all the fresh, provocative thinking reverberating in my brain.
  • Consumer: Give It Away Now
    The music business is changing faster than any other. And in many ways, it really is a microcosm of the whole new media environment. Just think, 10 years ago, there was no iPod, and more important, no iTunes.
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