• No White Flag
    H.L. Mencken famously said, "Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats." He was, of course, speaking metaphorically, but a study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism indicates Jon Stewart might be rolling up his sleeves.
  • Children's Crusade
    New York City's Administration for Children's Services is constantly hiring. Turnover is so high that if the agency doesn't keep recruiting to fill its 1,300 spots for child protective specialists, caseloads would soar.
  • In Touch
    I'm wired. I bought an iPhone this spring, and ever since, I've had it all, all the time: maps, e-mail, video, calendar, SMS, restaurant menus, Craigslist, everything. I never find myself wishing I'd lugged my six-pound laptop with me at lunch, and it's been months since I last paid for Wi-Fi in a coffee shop.
  • Sadly, They Don't See the Irony
    "Just read your article on Green Fashion That's Chic and thought you would be interested in the 'h' pocket square by Lexus that's featured in the current issue of GQ Magazine!" begins a handwritten note to us from Alyssa Jones of Team One for Lexus.
  • Giving Head
    Radiohead has never made cheery videos. The band, fiercely protective of its music and how it is handled, agreed to let MTV use the song "All I Need" from In Rainbows for the network's MTV EXIT campaign, intended to raise awareness about the exploitation and human trafficking that results in slave labor and forced prostitution throughout the world.
  • Call of the Wild
    If you've ever heard a howler monkey's shriek in the Amazon, you know it sounds like the roar of a threatening beast. But when you see a howler monkey, the necessity of this chilling cry becomes clear - the creature is pretty much defenseless.
  • Pie in the Sky
    Thomas Friedman got creamed by two more pies, this time on Earth Day at Brown University. A duo from an environmental group called Greenwash Guerillas pre-empted the Pulitzer Prize-winning author from presenting his ruminations on emerald-hued global capitalism. Dripping green whipped cream, Friedman didn't give his planned speech, "Green Is the New Red, White and Blue."
  • Tipping Point
    The bathroom scale has long been a panic-inducing object for women everywhere. Traditional norms not only dictate that women should be a certain (low) weight, but can also cause women to confuse their weight with their self-worth. With this in mind, it's hard to imagine why Nintendo would make a device that so closely resembles a scale the centerpiece of its Wii Fit game.
  • Big Blook Hunting
    The blook, a hokey portmanteau referring to a book that originated as a blog or Web site, has mostly been a retail disappointment; titles head straight for the ironic sale bin at Urban Outfitters. But that hasn't stopped mainstream publishers such as Penguin, Hyperion and Random House from throwing stacks of cash at bloggers like Christian Lander, for a book based on Stuff White People Like, and most recently (though the stack was considerably smaller) at Jessica Grose and Doree Shafrir for Postcards From Yo Momma.
  • Hot News Flash
    If you're going to post your commercial to YouTube, why make the "embedding disabled by request"? When you've hit upon a saucy idea for your campaign, let it run wild on the Web. A savvy agency wouldn't miss this chance - it wouldn't cut out viral distribution before it even starts. It's like heading to the Bahamas but then deciding to stay inside because you might get a sunburn. Case in point: the recent Menopauseland commercial for menopause supplement Estroven from Amerifit Brands.
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