• Annotated: The Consumer
    In this issue, Caroline Krediet, planning director at Taxi New York, annotates our Frankenstein's-monster version of the consumer. Oh, it's alive - and it wants everything from warmth to sweet-smelling underarms to mother's milk.
  • On The Record: The Great Disconnect
    It's in the nature of the media and communications industries that those employed in them spend inordinate amounts of time deeply immersed in its minutiae. The effort and intellectual capital that goes into such things on a daily basis is almost suggestive of obsession. While at its best - and such effort undoubtedly pays off to varying degrees - it is, in all cases, at odds with the amount of time and attention consumers give those efforts and the brands they intend to promote.
  • Contact: Reclaiming the Water Cooler
    Devices are gateways. People use and consume media. They don't really think much about their device so much until it doesn't work. Like a doorway, you don't think about what it is or what it does until it doesn't do what you expect it to. Content is; it is the intent and the goal of its audience.
  • Contact: Keeping a Low Profile
    When i sat in on a research panel last year, someone said, "The fact that anyone can lead a luxurious life shows that the meaning of luxury has changed." Even though the research was only from several months ago, there's something about that sentiment that seems incredibly dated and irrelevant now, which made me wonder why. And if indeed it is dated, and things have changed so much, so fast, what does it mean for the luxury business?
  • Contact: Hackers, Delighted
    The Gray Lady has thrown her petticoat up over her head and invited you in. When The New York Times Corp. held its bring-a-hacker-to-work day last month (more formally known as Times Open), it faced the digital future forward instead of backing into it as so many of its peers have been guilty of doing.
  • Fast Forward: Human Beings
    Let's begin by talking about some human beings. They are, after all, what this media thing is all about. We sometimes lose sight of that. We get so caught up in the process of what we do that we forget it is about connecting people. Connecting people to content. Connecting people to brands. And increasingly, connecting people to each other.
  • A Horrible Idea
    The worst thing to happen to network TV in 2008 wasn't the DVR, the writer's strike or the new 90210 (though that last one came close). No, TV's newest nemesis, appropriately enough, is an actual super-villain, albeit a struggling one with a crush on the girl at the laundromat, a video blog, and a tendency to break out in song.
  • Primal Screen
    When Jeremy Allaire, chairman and ceo of Brightcove, started his online television technology company a few years ago, he believed an open video distribution system would emerge - thus bypassing traditional programming distribution systems to the tv set. Not so fast.
  • Media Diary J. Walker Smith
    Respond to email, company first, then personal, with iTunes playing (on iMac) on random play.8-8:45 a.m. Work on PowerPoint presentation on company laptop with iTunes playing (on iMac) on random play.
  • Media Diary Larry Dobrow
    Freelance writer and author of this month's cover story6:32 a.m. Get out of bed. Curse father for passing along inability-to-sleep-past-6:45-even-when-hungover genes.6:33 a.m. Complete harrowing 13-step commute to work station. Flick computer open. Pull up separate Web browsers for personal and work email addresses, which are kept open all day and obsessively re-checked every 19 seconds.6:36 a.m. Open browser No. 3 for general research and procrastinatory purposes. Start off by reading the headlines up and down my Yahoo home page, then flip over to my fantasy hoops league. Shake a frustrated fist at the Big Guy/Gal above for having felled Kevin ...
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