• Media Metrics: The Changing Face of Mobile
    Time was, we didn't ask much of our cell phones. As long as they held a battery charge for a few hours and worked more-or-less well enough to let us get a line, they met our expectations. No more. Today, they swivel, they flip, they ring, they play music, take pictures, play games, capture video and, oh, yeah, you can still talk on them.
  • The Futurist: Living the Virtual Life
    Typical day. School was boring, except for my technology lab class. We hung out at Brian's playing Xbox Madden 2010 against a team from Ukraine after school. We dominated. It seems like our global power in gaming continues. Then we watched a Russian movie with the Ukrainian guys. By the way, Russian cinema is pretty wild.
  • Column: The [Ad]vantage - Power to the People
    The on-again, off-again romance with mobile marketing appears to be back on and in full bloom as buzz about the third screen reaches an all-time high. With the estimated market for content and services on mobile phones expected to reach $150 billion by 2011, advertisers are eyeing the mobile platform with renewed interest, and working feverishly to crack the code behind engaging mobile audiences.
  • The New Next: On Being Young At Heart
    We've probably all experienced life as an intern so that we could gain more practical knowledge of our industries. Depending on where you worked, though, your experience was either richly rewarding or very deeply tedious.
  • Column: Mythbuster - A Sometimes Simple Science
    Many of us in advertising claim that what we do is a blend of art and science. Of course, it helps when one can reap the benefits of keeping such a mantra around.
  • Column: Integrated - Tuning in to Tone
    A brand's identity, or the face it presents to the world, is more than logos and names. It's also how the company speaks and what it says. At the base level, this communication should position the brand uniquely and consistently across all touch points.
  • What Happens When You Let Go
    Mint-maker Mentos was in a rut. A unit of Italian confectioner Perfetti Van Melle, Mentos spent $20 million a year on marketing, most of it on its famously campy "freshmaker" TV commercials that had run for the past 15 years. Vice president of marketing Pete Healy believed Mentos needed to, as he put it, "reassess, redefine and reposition its brand."
  • Brain Drain
    When I sat down to write this account, I thought it only appropriate to turn on the television, run through my favorite iTunes play list, and sign onto my aim account. About an hour later, with only that first sentence written, I realized that perhaps simultaneous media usage wasn't always the most constructive habit.
  • Snack-Size Video: New & Improved!
    Skateboarding dogs and toilet-trained cats aren't likely to be the short-form video stars of the future. In the first quarter of 2007, the medium of snack-size entertainment consumption has entered a more professional phase, with both NBC and ABC joining the new business of original Web production, as well as industry heavyweights like Michael Eisner and Steven Bochco.
  • Dream Metrics for Marketers
    TV Networks plans to be a leader in popularizing virtual worlds. The company is creating 3D virtual worlds based on its shows, where people can interact via avatars and create their own story lines.
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