• Droga Buddies
    Any ad shop can claim to break all the rules. For Publicis Groupe's Droga5, it's table stakes. The challenge is getting clients to go along for the ride.
  • Say Hello to My Little Ad Buy
    Astute observers of the controversial eBay-enabled online buying and selling exchange for cable TV time may have wondered about the conspicuous absence of one marketer in particular: eBay.
  • A Mag of Wealth of Taste
    His magazines have been around for a long, long time (okay, since 2004), and now Donald Trump is bringing the sweet, sweaty smell of his success to Ocean Drive.
  • The Winter of Their Dissed Content
    Writer writes. striking writers have produced blogs and online videos focusing on - what else - the strike itself. The picket line may have been as much as these writers had been outdoors in awhile, and it made an impression on them.
  • Bright Idea
    California's Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) recently flipped the switch on what they say is the nation's first solar-powered billboard. Topped with 20 solar panels and using less than a third of the energy that billboards with Holophane lights do, the billboard is located in San Francisco, right off the bustling Highway 101 9th Street exit.
  • First Impressions
    Splat. If print ads could talk, Fage Yogurt's creative would say just that. The Greek yogurt partnered with two luxury brands, Tourneau watches and Honora pearls, to visually demonstrate the thickness of its yogurt.
  • Jukebox Hero
    If you've spent any time at all playing with those digital jukeboxes in bars, you know they are always trying to rip you off by getting you to waste money to skip the line.
  • Through the Mill
    Magazine editors must often feel guilty about their role in global climate change. At least, unless they're Graydon Carter, they aren't inviting Al Gore over for dinner any time soon.
  • Tainted Love
    Sex sells, but does fauna-on-fauna love titillate, let alone sell a bubbly orange-flavored beverage? It might in France, and Orangina is getting in on the (beastial) act.
  • No Happy Ending
    Looking to get some young Russian love 24/7? Soon you may have to look further than the back pages of your favorite weekly. The adult services classifieds, long the back alley of regional pubs, are in for a scrubbing.
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