• The Sell: Get It on the Green
    This summer i plan on learning how to golf. This makes sense for a few reasons: One, I work on a golf account and the practical experience will be good for me; two, it seems like a fun way to spend a day outdoors. Maybe I can even use this new skill to network and meet colleagues.
  • Fast Forward: Journalism
    I have a confession to make. Journalists are smug and self-righteous. We think that what we do for a living is important, and makes a difference. That the world could not possibly function properly without us. That consumers will be duped. That bad guys will get away. That democracies will crumble. We're about to find out.
  • One Big Sigh...
    The consumer discord hasn't risen to the level of New Coke, but Dave Howe, president of the Sci Fi Channel, has spent months trying to ease the consternation regarding his network's rebrand, which will take effect July 7.
  • Walk The Line
    Unless you live on a sweet potato farm in Lancaster, Pa., brands are a big part of your life. You wake up in your combed-cotton Ralph Lauren sheets to your iPod playing though your Bose sound system. You brush your teeth with Colgate Total Clean Mint Paste before stepping into a hot shower and scrubbing your scalp with Burt's Bees shampoo bar. After drying off with Jonathan Adler, you brew a trusty cup of Starbucks Breakfast Blend (or maybe you prefer Stumptown, Gorilla, Lavazza or any of the countless other specialty roasters) and pour a glass of Tropicana Pure Premium ...
  • Productivity: It's All In Your Head
    The primary cause of the current recession is psychological, not economic. And regardless of what happens economically, we're going to stay in this recession until we reverse our recession mentality.
  • Social Séance
    Kevin Apuzzio's funeral was a sight to behold, both online and off. The young firefighter - just 21 years old, barely out of Rutgers University - died in April 2006 while trying to pull a 75-year-old woman from her burning home when the floor collapsed. Apuzzio died a hero, and seemingly every fire truck, ambulance and police chopper in New Jersey hovered outside the church on the morning friends and family gathered to say goodbye. Even then-Governor Jon Corzine showed up to pay his respects.
  • Sweet Tooth
    Candy companies partnering with summer movie releases has been a no-brainer for many marketing execs during the past few years, but what does it take to sway a 162-year-old confectioner to partner with a movie franchise for the very first time in its long history?
  • Passing The Hat
    With the advertising market in turmoil and revenue forecasts falling, these are dark days for the print magazine industry. For publishers, the options are simple: Either come up with a survival plan or get ready to fold.
  • Everything I Need To Know I Learned From A Serial Killer
    The rule of law is a hallmark of civilization, and like the original iBook, it's nifty but slow. Sometimes, you need to jump-start the system - and that's where Dexter, the acclaimed Showtime series returning this fall, comes in. By day, Dexter Morgan is a top-notch blood specialist with the Miami pd; by night, an avenging angel who eliminates killers with élan.
  • Out of Wrack
    Fox Networks Group head Tony Vinciquerra is not happy, and he doesn't care who knows it. At least that was the case in late May when Vinciquerra told Daily Variety he was frustrated with Nielsen Media Research after the firm admitted its ratings might be off by as much as 8 percent, due to reporting inaccuracies.
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