• Better Grieving Through Technology
    As social networks like Facebook and MySpace take on prominent roles for people in mourning, so too does the Web's leading obituary site find itself getting into social networking.
  • Media Metrics: Let's Get This Party Started
    Blogs, message boards, facebook, myspace, linkedin, youtube, twitter ... Look at all these customers discussing products and passing along branded content! Online social networks attract audiences that are the envy of both traditional channels and main Internet portals, but lets catch our breath for a minute and take a look.
  • Vision Quest
    Video games have taken quite a beating from social science researchers: Past studies have linked excessive game playing among kids and teens to bad grades, aggression and even "permissive attitudes" toward drug use and unsafe sex, according to a number of papers published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.
  • DOA Q&A: Bill Bernbach
    Bill Bernbach was, of course, one of the founders of Doyle Dane Bernbach, and, as architect of the copywriter-art director team and modern media planning, one of the creative minds largely credited with fueling the revolution on Madison Ave. of the late '60s and early '70s. Bernbach passed away in 1982, but media once again faces upheaval similar to that brought on by the mass adoption of television, and we could sure use his guidance again. Here, Paul Parton of Brooklyn Brothers, wonders what Bernbach might have to say about media today. The responses are verbatim quotes, though the interaction …
  • Reputation Offsets
    Corporate altruism has always blended with PR, especially when the company doing the giving has a less-than-angelic reputation. Now, British researchers have found that international firms may also use philanthropy to offset their presence in notoriously oppressive nations.
  • Potrzebie! That Fershlugginer Kurtzman Is Back!
    Long before Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show, modern pop culture satire had its roots in the strange mind of the original madman, Harvey Kurtzman (1924-1993). His early '50s creation, MAD Magazine, taught buttoned-down America how to detect the inanities and silly idealizations of post-wwii mass media, as it also introduced phrases like "potrzebie" and "fershlugginer" into the national lexicon.
  • Vampire Marketers Walk Among Us
    After conducting one of the more contrived promo campaigns in recent memory, HBO scored 3.7 million viewers for the season-two premiere of True Blood June 14 - the most watched show for the network since the series finale of The Sopranos. But it's still quite possible people are more familiar with the ads than the show.
  • Out of Wrack
    Fox Networks Group head Tony Vinciquerra is not happy, and he doesn't care who knows it. At least that was the case in late May when Vinciquerra told Daily Variety he was frustrated with Nielsen Media Research after the firm admitted its ratings might be off by as much as 8 percent, due to reporting inaccuracies.
  • Everything I Need To Know I Learned From A Serial Killer
    The rule of law is a hallmark of civilization, and like the original iBook, it's nifty but slow. Sometimes, you need to jump-start the system - and that's where Dexter, the acclaimed Showtime series returning this fall, comes in. By day, Dexter Morgan is a top-notch blood specialist with the Miami pd; by night, an avenging angel who eliminates killers with élan.
  • Passing The Hat
    With the advertising market in turmoil and revenue forecasts falling, these are dark days for the print magazine industry. For publishers, the options are simple: Either come up with a survival plan or get ready to fold.
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