• Big League: Media Scorecard
    The Big Five sports face new challenges.
  • Sports Marketing: Ready for Extreme Action
    Reaching boys and men is all about catching some air.
  • Network Stays In The Picture
    Upfront up, but can a recovery last?
  • Tools & Resources: How To...Sponsor a Stock Car
    NASCAR efforts require a lot of homework.
  • Tools & Research: PIB First Half 2002
    Magazine winners and losers.
  • Tools & Resources
    Current Thinking Brand Consonance
  • Traditional Tools & Resources:
    Future ToolMRI+ Connects Electronic Media Kits Bob Warrens, director of Mediamark’s MRI+ program, knows all about gathering data from dozens of rate cards, making those last-minute phone calls, and after all that, trying to organize and compare the information to put together the best campaign for a client. As longtime research director of J. Walter Thompson, he remembers 20-person research staffs, file cabinets full of media kits, and the countless details involved in getting the right piece of information for a proposal. MRI+ takes all that information, adds the search and comparison capabilities computer …
  • Frontiers: Reports From the Media Frontiers
    Cross-MediaInternet Claims Bragging Rightsby Steve Smith, popeyesmith@comcast.net In its never-ending bid to become part of the media buying mix, the online sector is pushing those cross-media comparative studies faster than portals spew “sponsored” search results. TV tends to suffer most in this research. The July “DoubleClick Cross Media Reach Study” finds Yahoo! Search, Hotmail, or even Google and eBay have a larger audience than the top-rated “Friends” among the 18-to-49-year-old demo. Demonstrating apparently that you can add apples and oranges, the study gleans from Web, TV and magazine metrics Gross Ratings Points for the top 25 properties in …
  • Media Circus
    The Supersize Mandate
  • Media Circus
    The Supersize Mandate
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