• Satellite Radio Awaits Activation
    New services tout a low-clutter, highly focused alternative.
  • Inside Look at Radio
    Controversial — but still the best way to reach mobile consumers
  • Tools & Resources: How To... Infomercials
    Direct response TV can tell a longer, more complex story.
  • Tools & Resources: Startup Closeup: National College Sports Network
    College-educated, higher- inclome audience will be a major focus
  • Tools & Resources: Comparing the Data
    When you get right down to it few ad categories have seasonal swings. Using data from Competitive Media Research, a year-to-year monthly look at total ad spending shows bipolar swings for autos and department stores. Other top product categories are consistent. Auto accessories and equipment are far and away the biggest product category for the past year. Concurrent with new model year introductions, it spiked in September and October and dove in January. A more interesting dynamic may be happening in the department store category. It spiked to second place in November and December in conjunction ...
  • Tools & Resources: Current Thinking Core Values
    Before September 11, before Enron, before WorldCom, and before Martha Stewart appeared on the SEC radar, Scott Bedbury was on the case about ethical brand values. Bedbury is a marketing and advertising legend with two high-profile gigs to his credit. He was behind the Just Do It campaign at Nike during the 1990s and developed Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson into media superstars. Then he went to Starbucks and as senior marketing VP put in place the socially responsible marketing that the chain is known for. Then he took a break. He put his philosophy into ...
  • Tools & Research: Future Tool
    FastChannel Streamlines Ad Traffic
  • Reports from the Media Frontiers
    iTV<\B> 'Madison's Wedding' on Demand<\I> by Lee Hall, lee@deadlinemedia.net<\B> It's amazing what people will do when they have something new. Take the curious case of "Madison's Wedding," a locally produced video-on-demand project on Time Warner Cable's Raleigh, N.C., system. "Madison's Wedding" documents the marriage of Madison Lane, a popular radio personality in the market. The video, all 98 minutes of it, was offered for sale to the cable company's 130,000 customers. An experiment, said Time Warner Cable. A promotion, said WDCG-FM, Lane's station. Backed by a ton of on-air mentions on the radio station, "Madison’s Wedding" turned out ...
  • Media Circus
    The Supersize Mandate
  • Media Circus
    The Supersize Mandate
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