• Media Metrics: It's My Way or the Mid Way
    People are always going on and on about leaving a bigger footprint for engagement. (And who wouldn't want to?) Consider the media value of the Mid-Tail. You'll be making the digital equivalent of those plaster molds in Yosemite in no time. 
  • Targeting: Looking into the Stars
    I keep feeling like I am standing on top of an iceberg, unable to see what is below the waterline. At any time worldviews can flip. Then, what has been underwater sees the light of the day.
  • InSight: Down the Rabbit Hole
    The rallying cry of "content is king" has become a byword in our frenzied media age. Yet if content is king, then media is the kingmaker. For example, if a groundbreaking think piece appears in the Poughkeepsie Journal, it may just remain parochial wisdom, but if the same article appears in The Wall Street Journal, it has the potential to ignite a nation.
  • Aperture: Just Can't Get Enough
    Americans simply can't get enough: Whether it is our passion to drive the cars we love, pushing up the price of gasoline toward $4, or our desire for a great college education, escalating the cost of tuition to $50,000 a year - or the desire to experience anything or, at times, everything the media world has to offer, driving up time spent with media to record highs. 
  • Gestalt: Che Never Did This
    Technological revolutions are most often overestimated in the short run, and underestimated in the long run." So said Arthur C. Clarke, and history has repeatedly proven him correct. Revolutions tend to have a counterintuitive timing - rising often when the status quo seems to be on an uptick.
  • The Futurist: Darkness Falls on Missouri
    Feb. 17, 2009 started out like any other day for Travis. He had been under siege for nearly a year, but had been unaware of it. Travis wasn't an ignorant man. In fact, he was considered very well read - even if he hadn't had the energy to pick up a book in a couple years.
  • Consumer: Who's Got the Energy?
    I recently heard someone refer to the concept of "the energetic brand." On the downside, it made me feel a little out of the loop. I hadn't heard the expression before, and yet, I got the feeling it's been bandied about for quite a while. On the upside, I likedit immediately.
  • Media Marketplace: Out With the Old
    Media is at a crossroads. So are we going to just keep staring down the roads ahead or actually do something? It's time to think bigger and take action. This month, two opinionated voices look at strategy, IPTV and the fate of newspapers.
  • The Advantage: Oh, Bury Media Not
    Offline media has certainly faced its fair share of challenges over the last few years. Audiences have rapidly adapted to a life online, on-demand and in control.
  • Deconstruction: The Secret Is Out
    Imagine inspiring people to see themselves as greater, better and bigger. Imagine a magic ride in an industry called marketing and reaching 30 years. Imagine your legacy and mine.
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