• Doggone Shame
    For nine years, cats and dogs loomed large over a parking lot on Avenue A as part of an iconic Advocates for Animals mural on the side of a tenement building in Manhattan's East Village. Created by well-known local muralist Chico, the mural tugged at the heartstrings with an assortment of animals - including a sweet kitty with pleading eyes and a trusty German Shepherd - urging local residents to spay and neuter their pets, and providing a number to call for assistance.
  • How to Be a Social Butterfly
    In media, you live or die on your ability to keep up-to-date, and to see what's coming around the corner. Right now, social media is both what's now and what's next - and it's an absolutely necessity to know what it is, what it's about and how it works. No longer just a trend, but a fact of life, social media is a full-fledged and still-expanding facet of our industry.
  • Debunking the IPTV Myths
    With all the hype about the growth of online video viewing, I decided to check it out for myself by watching all my TV shows online for an entire week. My plan was to watch Hulu or abc.com and to supplement with iTunes on the big screen via Apple TV. I also wanted to experiment with Boxee, a start-up company that aspires to provide a common user interface for enabling consumer viewing of online video on a TV screen.
  • Relative Mobility
    I left my iphone in the cab." it was both the panic in our usually stoic analytics director and the scramble to locate the phone that said everything. Mobile phones are not just devices, they are 24/7/365 lifelines. (BTW: Phone was recovered and returned by a NYC taxi company. Thanks.)
  • Jumping Off The Page
    In some ways book publishing is still a quaint business. Writer writes a book, publisher prints it on paper, bookstore sells it. But with the Internet and the Kindle and the iPhone turning everything topsy-turvy, publishers and authors are reinventing their products.
  • Trash TV
    America's move to digital televisions meant sharper pictures, better sound, a bevy of new channels and a collective pile of discarded idiot boxes that weighed well north of eight million pounds.
  • Paper Tiger
    The closing of Gourmet and three other titles in October, following a strategic review of Condé Nast's business by consultants from McKinsey, is yet another reminder of the magazine industry's woes - the latest victim carried off by a rising tide of red ink. As the wretched year of 2009 circles the drain, is there any way for magazines to stop the flood or even turn the tide?
  • At the Crossroads
    Michael Wolf is one of the smartest and most influential figures in the media industry that most people have never heard of. If you have, it's probably for his stint as president-COO of MTV Networks, where he presided over a number of high-profile digital media acquisitions and revamped the sales organization.
  • Fashionista to Recessionista
    Consider this counterintuitive economic event: Currently, new cars can be cheaper than used cars of the same model. According to edmunds.com: "... Deals on some new cars are so generous that they actually make the new car less expensive than the year-old version of the same model."
  • Making Branding Pay
    Economic conditions being what they are, my agency partners have begun asking, "How can we justify branding budgets to our clients?" I generally answer their question with a question: How do you define "branding?" If their answer doesn't include short-term response metrics, I tell them they need to get a new definition of branding.
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