MediaDailyNews Editions for May 2005
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, May 31, 2005
The Upfront Tally: Reportedly, It's An ABC Rally
Time to Take Your Niche Online?
Comcast Preps 'Next Generation' Set-Tops, Include DVRs
Countdown 2007: Study Predicts DVRs To Reach Tipping Point
Feeling Viral? Sneeze And You Might Miss These
Deal Combines Local TV News, Local Job Ads -- Online
MediaDailyNews - Monday, May 30, 2005
Washington Post To Carry Content From Wall Street Journal
Nine Inch Nails Deep Six's MTV
'Casting' Polls: Researcher Plans 'Wireless' Consumer Surveys
Wall Street Report: '05 Ad Market Still Lagging
MediaDailyNews - Friday, May 27, 2005
ABC Plans Memorable Memorial Day, Upfront's Reportedly 'Wrapped'
Report Sees '05 As 'Breakout Year' For Online Ad Spend
Do Greater Discounts Deliver Greater Value?
Universal Taps MediaCom's McElroy To Head Sony Research
Outdoor Sets Sights On Visual 'Adjustment,' NOP Will Help TAB Keep Tab
When TV Ad Proves Soft Core, Viewers Turn To Hard Drive
Advertainment or Adcreep? What Game Players Think About Product Placement in Computer Games
Magazine Sale Signals Healthy M&A Market
Syndication Hopes Buyers Will Give It The Time Of Day
Omnicom's PHD, OMD Win Rival Financial Media Accounts
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, May 26, 2005
Media IQ's Lotito: We Plan To Audit Print, Other Media
D.C. Stations Blast Nielsen's Meters
Newspaper Giants Send Mixed Signals, Times Co. Downsizes, Gannett Names New Chief
OMD, CoreMedia Strike Eight-Year Deal
Feds Tear Up Torrent, Raid P2P Net
Music To Their Ears, Study Finds Cell Phone Users Want It
ARF Expands Roster, Adds Burnett, ING, Integration
AMC Names Ad, Brand Strategy Head
Amex, Yahoo! Stage Broadway Site
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, May 25, 2005
With Time Running Out, Nielsen Seeks To Redefine It
Einstein's Corner: Accountability - Creation as a Function of Rhythm
Initiative Taps Retail Guru to Lead Home Depot
MPG's Martinez Goes From Global to Local
To Be Or Not To Be? Nets Find It May Be About The DVD
Jim Beam Gives PHD A Shot
Long Ellis Named COO, MTV Networks Ad Sales
Print Buyers Relieved By Meredith's Acquisition of G+J Mags
NBC News Plans Podcasts
Time4 Media Taps Agency Exec As New Group Pub
Country Living "House of the Year" To Air On A&E
Allstate Breaks Campaign With a Little Help From Friends
Yahoo! Media Unit Taps Fox Vet
Simmons Launches BehaviorGraphics Site
Mobile Industry Sets Marketing Guidelines
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, May 24, 2005
OMD Tests 'Fast-Forward' Ads, Others Embracing New Ad Models
B-to-B Ad Pages Continue To Spiral
Big 3's Net Ad Sales Reported To Decline
Hilton Hotels Places Media, Creative In Review
Interpublic Names 'Growth Officer'
Talk, But Not Much Action As Upfront Gets Underway
Apple Bolsters Podcasting
Thinking Out Of The Boxster, Other Product Placements Of The Week
Atlas, SeaChange Meet Demand For On-Demand Campaigns
Rainbow Launches Local Cable Ad Initiative
MediaDailyNews - Monday, May 23, 2005
News Analysis: Did OMD Blink? Will Cable Upfront Stink?
The Bursting Blog Bubble
ESPN: Late Adopters Don't Want DVRs, Return Them
Comcast Finds Free VOD Boom With Kids, NFL
'Pre-Roll' Proves Best Online Video Ad Format
Monster Pulls Creative, Leaves Media At Deutsch
Carat Raids Grey, Euro For Interactive Team
Visible World, SeaChange Develop VOD Ad System
Outdoor Industry Unveils New Ad Testing Tool
Clear Channel Chief Named OAAA Chair
MediaDailyNews - Friday, May 20, 2005
Ads Improve Wal-Mart's Rep, Reveal Synergistic Effect With PR
Buyers: UPN 'Rocks,' Fox Laughs, All Nets In Best Position In Years
Google Personalizes Home Page, Vies With Major Portals
Newsweek Becomes News Of The Week, Especially On Blogs
Magna: Think Multicultural, Act Local
Wal-Mart Nixes Online DVDs, Taps Netflix
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, May 19, 2005
Pulp Science Fiction: MRI Plans To Make Paper Digital, Interactive
Yahoo! Gives Voice To Instant Messaging
Would a Gnome by Any Other Name Smell as Sweet?
CBS Hopes To Remain No. 1 With Six New Shows
Broadband Surges, Reaches 43% Of U.S. Homes
Atlas Enters VOD Market, Will Offer TV Planning, Buying Data
WPP's mOne Lures MPG Digital Media Exec
Between A 'Rock' And A Web Place, MSN Plans Site For Reality Show
NY Times Taps New Englander To Run About
Logo-A-Go-Go, Gay MTV Net Taps ABC Exec As Sales Chief
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Scripps To Launch Broadband Channels
ABC Promotes Wish-Fulfillment Even As It Celebrates It
Einstein's Corner: Tolerance vs. Zero Tolerance
SmartVideo Shows Love To 50 Cent
Bi-Bi Broadcast, Study Reveals Gays, Lesbians Prefer Cable
Horizon Media Acquires Mass Transit
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