Mobile Marketing Daily Editions for January 2014
Mobile Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 31, 2014
iBeacons To Meet Fans At Ballparks Nationwide On Opening Day
NFL Mobile With Verizon, Gillette, Microsoft, Yahoo
Rules, Trends And Avoiding Shiny Objects
Facebook Unveils 'Paper' Reader App
It's All About Fertilizing The Android Ecosystem
Yahoo Boosts Mobile Muscle, Buys Incredible Labs
Consumers And Marketing Meet In Hyperlocal Experiences
Broadcasters Press To Ban Aereo In Utah
Musings on the Mobile Insider Summit
The Lowdown on Low Energy Beacons
Ellen DeGeneres Dances Her Way Through Beats Music's Super Bowl Ad
Brands Refine 'Plays' On Game Day
VivaKi Chooses Innovid as Worldwide Ad Solutions Partner
Facebook Finds Secret To Mobile Success
Inneractive Closes $6M Series C Round
PayPal Sees Future of Mobile as 'Everything'
75% of Mobile Shoppers Cashed in Coupons, Says Survey
Shoppers Want More Mobile
Starbucks To Focus On Mobile, Digital Projects: Report
Facebook Unveils Mobile App Paper
T-Mobile Ventures into Commerce Beyond Isis
Retailers See Mobile as Top Priority
Toyota Partners, Embraces Mobile Payments
Tim Tebow Stars In T-Mobile Super Bowl Ads, Loving Life Without A Contract
PCs Still Own Majority Of Search Dollars
Mobile Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014
Everybody Must Get Stoned - The App
The Age Of The 3-Second Ad Is Upon Us
75% of Mobile Shoppers Cashed in Coupons, Says Survey
Mobile Ads Help Rocket Facebook Revs 63%
Annual SEM Study Uncovers Trends And Tactics
Ad Types Most Effective For Mobile
Google Sells Motorola Handset Division To Lenovo
Rules, Trends And Avoiding Shiny Objects
Tablet Sales Growth Slows In Q4
Cars & the Road to Mobile Commerce
FordDirect Says Digital, Mobile Move Metal
Yahoo Kills Second-Screen App IntoNow
It's All About Fertilizing The Android Ecosystem
Viggle Acquires TV Dijit Media, Integrates NextGuide Tech
Most Viki Users Access Service From Mobile Devices
Multiple Apps: Confusing, Or Just Good Revenue News For Stations?
Shoppers Want More Mobile
Gmail iOS App Mistakenly Deletes Some Users Emails
Revenue, Display Sales Fall Again At Yahoo In Q4
The Lowdown on Low Energy Beacons
Super Bowl Expected Apps Usage: Games, Social, Food Ordering
T-Mobile Ventures into Commerce Beyond Isis
Starbucks To Focus On Mobile, Digital Projects: Report
Mobile Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014
Forget 'Smart' Devices: Help Me Make A Smarter Me
Facebook Rolls Out Web, Mobile Retargeting In Custom Audiences Features
New And Old Behaviors
Missing the Target with Targeted Ads
Super Bowl Ads Rack Up 44 Million Views On YouTube Pre-Game
App-adaisical No More: Which Screen Is The 'First' One Again?
PLA Cost Per Click Rises; ROI Remains Stable
Revenue, Display Sales Fall Again At Yahoo In Q4
Fake Clicks To Cost Marketers $11.6 Billion
IAB Explores Alternatives To Cookies
Getting Mom Friendly At CES
Behavior Analysis Triggering Increase In Paid-Search Clicks
Comparing Super Bowl To Twitter & Facebook
Lessons Of Our $100 Million Pilot
Motility Ads Luring App Developers To The Big Screen
Calacanis Preps Mobile-First Service
LifeLock Offers Internet Peace-Of-Mind
Is There Room For 'Premium Mobile Video' In Programmatic?
Celtra Announces Formation Of Creative Directors Group
Samsung, Google Sign Patent Agreement
Forever 21 Tackles Mobile Programmatically
Canadian Bank Launches First Mobile Commerce Platform
Mobile Commerce Emerges As Trend at India Confab
Starbucks Hits 10 Million Active Mobile Payment App Users
CEO Susan Lyne Says AOL Can Barely Keep Up with Advertising Demand
Mobile Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014
Next Brand App Stage - Engagement Enhancement
Super Bowl Unboxed: How The Second Screen Could Save The $4M Ad
Apple Revs Top $57B For Quarter, iPad's Dominance Dips
Wearable Health
Retailers Wrestle With Best Use Of Mobile To Up Sales
Smartphone Shipments Top 1 Billion In 2013
So Many Memes...New Video Curating Helpers Are Like Dating Services
NSA Targets Android Apps For Spying
A Look at Super Bowl Viral Ad Winners
Motility Ads Luring App Developers To The Big Screen
VOD, SVOD Services Battle For Viewer Satisfaction
Google Glass Sees Clearly Through VSP Partnership
Android Continues World Domination
Vodafone Calls Global Media Agency Review
Mobile Banking Gets a Boost from T-Mobile
Top UK Operators Partner for Mobile Payments
Yahoo Eying App Maker Tomfoolery
Samsung, Google Sign Patent Agreement
TubeMogul Touts Its Open Video View as Viewability Solution
Microsoft, Google, Facebook Win NSA Data Collection Decision
Calacanis Preps Mobile-First Service
Broadcast News & Digital Video #ManagementFail
Mobile Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 27, 2014
StumbleUpon's 5by App Brings Targeted Serendipity To Mobile Video
Pop Secret Pops Digital Kernels To Gain Buzz
Tag, You're It: Audience Targeting Shifting From Browsers To Pages
Google Play Gains On App Store
Mobilizing A People's Army Of Data Feeds
Horizon Turns New Page In Programmatic, Guarantees Ad Is In-View Before Bid Is Made
The Never-Ending, Mobile Testing Mentality
All-the-Time Shopping: Mobile Beyond the Transaction
AT&T Sponsored Data Intrigues Ad Execs, Taps Into Content Marketing Trend
Smarter Targeting Delivers Stronger Game Advertising
Facebook Tops Rivals In Driving Users To Indie Sites
One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Mobile Advertising In Emerging Markets Will Fail
Google Scoops Up Artificial Intelligence Firm DeepMind
Do Consumers Really Like When Advertisers Hijack Their Screens?
Twitter Users Razz Google #whengmailwasdown
Marketers Need Creative Digital Plans To Drive Under-35 Car Buyers
10 Metrics Every Video Advertiser Should Measure
AdSense Direct Could Increase Profits In Google's Coffer
Facebook Mobile App Install Ads
Encrypted Search: How Search Marketers Need To Rethink Metrics
NADA Economists Say Conditions Improving For Both New, Used Cars
Department Stores Drive App Purchases from Print Media
Top UK Operators Partner for Mobile Payments
Target Credit Card Breach vs. NFC Payments
Digital Content Players Head for Syndication's NATPE Confab
Mobile Banking Gets a Boost from T-Mobile
Mobile Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 24, 2014
Targeting Moods: Apple Proposes Next Generation Of Psycho-Physical-Behavioral Profiling
Report Sees Apple Launching Mobile Commerce Platform
For E-Commerce, Mobile's Continued Invasion Foreseen
TV Tops Second Screen For Viewers' Attention
Would Google Acquire Bitcoin?
Showrooming Comes To Actual Showrooms, Auto Dealers Brace
Social Campaigns Brought Full Circle With In-Store Sales, In-Person Interactions
Mobile Commerce Drives eBay Revenue
U.S. Online Spending Estimated At $46.5B In '13, Mobile Search Surges
Apple Prepping New TV Set-Top-Box
Crystal Ball Breaking
YP CMO Checchi Shares Local Mobile Plans For 2014
Fitbit Names Former EA Exec Rosa As Marketing Head
What, You Still Use a Plastic Card to Get Cash from an ATM?
Fox To Test First Super Bowl Streaming App
Three More Topics For Your 2014 Email Agenda
PayPal Chief Remains Bullish on Mobile Payments
Microsoft Reports Strong Quarter, No New CEO
Upfront On Aereo And Broadcast Networks
McDonald's Expands Mobile Coupon Program
Want A Creative Gig? Snapchat DDB. You Might Get Hired
The Pentagon Saves BlackBerry
Google Denies Mobile Services Money Scheme
Hulu Plus App Redesign Helps Big Spike in Views
Netflix Sets A New Stock Price High, One Day After
Mobile Orders Drive UK Holiday Online Sales
Mobile Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014
Mobile, Especially iPhones, Eating Email
Facebook Testing Mobile Ad Network, Q4 Outlook Solid
Instagram, MoSo Rising, Facebook Worries Exaggerated
Google Loses Android Patent Lawsuit
Is Facebook Headed For Collapse?
Mobile Commerce Platforms Pushed by SMBs
Fox Sports GO Streams Super Bowl
Facebook Mobile Ad Network To Match The Strength Of Google AdSense
The Problem With TV Everywhere: No One Wants It
IPhone Users Addicted To Data
Mobile Video - How Long Until Prime Time?
Sears Drives Redemption Rates with SMS Blast
20% Of Shoppers Click On PLAs
Nissan Wants New Yorkers To Say #HailYes To Revamped Taxis
New Personalized News App Trove Eschews Algorithms
It Slices, It Dices...It's The Amazing Internet of Things, Now Appearing
Surprised? Netflix Q4 Beats Analysts' Per Share and Subscriber Estimates
Early Adopters: The Driving Force for Mobile Payments
Xfinity-Branded WiFi Spots Free During Winter Olympics
Pinterest CEO Talks Ads Strategy
nRelate Gives Publishers Control Of Native Ad Quality
High-Flying Netflix, Still High-Flying. Now What?
UK Largest Banks Adopting Mobile Payments
Copper Mountain Launches Sherpa, App To Aid Skiers
Mobile Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014
Requiem For A Promising Medium - Comics In Motion
Talk To The Machine
Mobile Marketing Seen As Driving Traffic to Commerce
Yahoo Buys Mobile Start-up Sparq
AT&T Partners for Another Mobile Payments System
iBeacon Beams Up Digital Shopper Marketing
Madison Avenue's 'Next Big Thing:' Branded Technology
Sponsored Data: What It Bodes For Carriers And Consumers
PayPal Launches New Mobile Payment Service in Asia
Mobivity To Acquire SmartReceipt, Tie POS To Personalized Mobile Offers
How To Prompt Site Visitors To Scroll Down The Page
Mobile Shines at National Retail Conference
Images Drive Brand Engagement On Twitter
The Rise of Mobile Payments: One Person at a Time
Facebook Reduces Reach Of Brands' Text-Only Posts
Starbucks And Managing The Security Gotcha
Dove's 'Selfie' Dissects Daughters, Mothers, Social Media
McDonald's Launches Olympics Social Campaign
Microsoft Bing Wants A Piece Of China
Rivals Making Inroads On Facebook, Teen Users Globally
Mission Pharmacal Creates Mobile App For Docs
Clear Channel, SmartTray Serve Digital Ads In Flight
Smartwatches May Impact Digital Future Of News
Facebook Co-Founder Says Email is Dead
Mobile Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014
Media Buyers Not So Smitten With Twitter ROI
Mobile Ad Spend To Reach $18 Billion This Year, $42 Billion By 2017
Streamlined Mobile Checkout Tops Browsing
Beats Music Launches Streaming Service With Human Touch
Credit Cards and Cash Still Favored Over Digital Wallets
For Sprint, It's All In The 'Framily'
Mobile Shoppers & Privacy vs. Relevant Offers
Spotify Launches Artist Merchandising
Doing Something About The Weather - With Mobile
Networks Should Do New Kind of Pilot Shopping This Year
Google Cracks Down On Bad Search Ads, Sends Millions Packing
'NYT' Redesign Gets Mixed Reaction
More Online Sales Move to Mobile
Mobile Commerce Fees Project to $37 Billion
Mobile Payments Being Built into Vending Machines
Google Testing Contacts That Measure Glucose Levels
App Targets Before, During & After Shopping
Mobile Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 20, 2014
Volkswagen Drives Downloads, Dealer Visits With Game
Super Bowl Play: Subway To Use GIFs, Launch On Tumblr
Instagram Fastest-Growing App Among Top 10 In 2013
WPP Affiliate Shop Sued For Stealing Trade Secrets
TV Broadcasters Seek To Delay FilmOn X's Appeal
From The Desk Of Keith Gooberman: Top Trader Makes Bid For Independence
Tuning In On Mobile
Tech Firm Readies System for iOS Mobile Payments
Mobile Sales Pass Online at Video Streaming Service
Report Sees Banks' Mobile Advantage with SMBs
Pizza Hut Cooking with Mobile
The Emerging Data Gold Rush
Smartphones Give 69% a Better Shopping Experience
4th Quarter Online Mobile Traffic Up 40% Over Last Year
HBO Go Coming Soon To PlayStation 3
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