• Jeter Gets A Shave, Over And Over
    Gillette is staging a giant virtual shaving exposition in Soho in New York. The company erected a giant billboard featuring a likeness of Derek Jeter's face in profile with a stubble. The billboard gets repainted daily to reflect a the stubble, the shave, and then his clean shaven face. The three day cycle will be repeated through Sunday, March 6 as part of the company's efforts to tout Gillette's grooming regimen as an "Everyday masterpiece." Billboard was conceived by BBDO New York, AOR for Gillette.
  • Ford's Global Focus Push All Short Ads
    Ford's new campaign for the Focus, the first real global vehicle for the automaker, comprises some 50 TV ads that are almost all 20 seconds or shorter that focus on discrete technological features of the vehicle, such as start/stop technology, automatic parking, and the vehicle as WiFi hotspot.
  • Ford Focus Effort About Shorter Ads
    New Ford Focus global campaign about shorter ads, complexity at the digital level. Martin Sorrell: given change in consumer media consumption habits, anthematic campaigns may not make sense. Not appropriate at the stage Ford is at. we have not embraced that, we have embraced 15 second spots that clearly show they are not less effective, but we can show them with greater frequency. so reach is heightened to very significant degree. What Team Ford has done is emphasize common platform: consumers love facility of technology. Each ad emphasises tech aspect of product. Not anthematic, but focus on product: the car …
  • New Focus All About Tech, Global Message
    Jim Farley, global marketing lead at Ford: We used to have different Focus cars around the word now we have one. it will be built in five locations. it's the same car. luxury makers have this opportunity. the biggest enabler was our bet that traditional small car buyers would embrace tech. it's a wifi hotspot can park itself. blind spot monitor. sync. launching sync in Europe with this car. Technology had to be one central message.
  • Sir Martin Sorrell On TeamFord
    Sorrell on agency integration: you can only integrate when you have client taking lead. the agency can follow. historically fragmented and didn't work. Team Detroit, Blue Hive and other organisations are doing that now. it was extremely difficult before. it wasn't just about efficiency. it's not about cost and efficiency but getting better work. 144k people working together in coherent and effective way.
  • WPP Pulls Out The Stops For Ford...
    It's going to be "Inside the Chocolate Factory" rather than "Inside the Actors Studio" but the format is similar. WPP chief Sir Martin, Ford marketing chief Jim Farley and a Ford moderator will hold forth shortly in an interview format about the new global campaign for the Focus car. I can't say anything about the campaign until 11am eastern, though I have the press release sitting here next to me. But suffice to say it's going to be a massive campaign in which WPP's Team Detroit and a passel of other WPP shops are involved.
  • Hyundai To Grab Oscars Spotlight
    As part of its "Big Voices in Big Places" strategy, Hyundai Motor America will be, for the third consecutive year, auto-exclusive sponsor of the Academy Awards. The Fountain Valley, Calif. automaker will air nine TV ads during TV coverage of the event. As he did last year, official voice of Hyundai Jeff Bridges will opt because he is up for an award for "True Grit." As sponsor of the 83rd Academy Awards, on Feb. 27 on ABC the automaker will air two pre-show spots and seven ads during the awards ceremony itself. For four of the ads surrounding the …
  • ShopSavvy Teams With Groupon
    Mobile barcode scanning app ShopSavvy has added Groupon deals to its offering as part of a new partnership between the companies. Local Groupon offers will be delivered through ShopSavvy's "Deals" tab, a Twitter-like stream of offers, promotions and coupons. The app, which has about 10 million users, lets users scan a barcode to find prices on comparable products sold nearby or online. Adding daily deals powerhouse Groupon to its offers could help give ShopSavvy a leg up in that regard on competitors including Red Laser, Scanbuy and CheckPoints. Read more here.
  • Apple Sets March 2 Event
    Apple has sent out invitations for a March 2 press event at which it's expected to unveil the latest version of the iPad. Speculation rippled across the Web yesterday that the iPad 2 might be delayed until June but later reports refuted the rumors, saying the upgraded Apple tablet would be rolled out on schedule. We'll find out next Wednesday. Read more here.
  • Rothenberg Returns To IAB
    Less than a week after Jack Griffin was ousted as CEO of Time Inc., Randall Rothenberg is leaving as chief digital officer of Time Warner's publishing division to return to the Interactive Advertising Bureau as president-CEO. In a staff memo, Time Inc.'s interim management team indicated that the decision to leave was made by Rothenberg, and that he was considered "a valued and collegial member of our management team and hoped he would stay." The Time Inc. team said the organization was "redoubling our commitment to the IAB," and announced that Time Inc. will become a charter sponsor …
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