Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for January 2016
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 15, 2016
Apple Gifts iAd To Publishers
Majority Of Search Clicks Move To Mobile, Conversions Stay With Desktop
The Long Goodbye
Bing Ads Updates Keyword Planner, Helps Marketers Review Impression Share
Vista Equity Partners Acquires Fiverun, Integrates MarketLive, Shopatron To Rebrand As Kibo
Local Ads To See Big Growth In 2016, Digital To Soar
Google Adds Cloud Storage Features
Google's Self-Driving Performance Report Doesn't Match U.S. $4 Billion In Funding
Burberry Hails Mobile Partnerships As Sales Rise
How To Solve A Problem Like Wearables
5 Mistakes To Avoid When Working With Millennial Mom Influencers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016
Yahoo Releases 13.5 Terabytes Of User-Behavior Data To Researchers
Yieldbot Becomes Profitable, Focuses On Mobile Location Targeting
iProspect India Hires Former Google Exec To Run Paid Media
Foot-Tracking Cookies That Collect Data
ASKfm Redesigns Q&A Site To Attract Teens, Millennials
Why Ad Tech Should Worry About The Rise Of Marketing Tech
Sen. Franken Questions Google About Student Privacy
Why Smart Marketers Are Engaging Online Hispanics In 2016
Gov. Haley's SOTU Response: GOP Establishment Rejects Angry Conservatism
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016
Changes In Search Engine Partnerships Cloud Quarterly Results
Google Maps Predicts Your Next Destination
Managing Your Brand In Search
Early Corporate Ad Strategy Impacts Future Stock Prices, Brand Equity
Google Stole My Organic Search Traffic - And What To Do About It
Yahoo Canada Partners With Soho Media Solutions For Event-Triggered Ads
More College Admissions Officers Checking Social Media
BuzzFeed UK Gets A Wrist Slap For Native Ad
Smart AdServer, Adsquare Partner To Help Publishers Segment Audiences
MediaBrix Brings New Rewarded Ads To Kik
Google X To Rebrand
Google Hires New Global Public Policy Team Leader
Google's Krafcik Talks Partnerships
Google Is Betting Big on VR
Yahoo Settles Email Privacy Lawsuit For $4M
Remove Underperforming Content From Sites
Tips To Create Successful Luxury Campaigns
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016
Google Branches Programmatic Into Other Ad Media In 2016
Yahoo Serves A New Twist On Google Ads
David Bowie, Perception Of A Human Search Engine
Google Purges 12 Million-Plus Links In First Week Of 2016
Singapore Consumers Increasingly Shopping Online
Search Journey Grows Complex With Rise Of Connected Devices
Microsoft Pulse Gives Viewers Of State Of The Union Address A Voice
Opera MediaWorks, Nielsen Catalina Solutions Partner To Deliver HD Mobile Video Ads
UberMedia, DMM Partner For Retail Analysis Of Mobile Phone Data
Watch This Space: Big Change For Media In 2016
One Third Of Employers Have Rejected Candidates Based On Social Media, Search
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 11, 2016
How Facebook Oculus Rift-Microsoft Xbox Deal Could Pull In Bing
eBay Enterprise Marketing Acquires AffiliateTraction, Expands Programmatic
2016 Sees Display Ad Spend Overtake Search In U.S.
Marketers Need Data To Determine Intent -- Not Just Demographics
Microsoft Builds Trove From Windows 10 User Data To Support Bing, Cortana
Hughes Puts 'New Republic' Up For Sale
Google Rebuilds Presence In China
Amazon Builds Bridges Into France, Acquires Packing Co.
Yahoo Hemorrhaging Top Talent
Programmatic Is Finally Defining What's 'Premium'
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 8, 2016
Apple Adds Emotion-Reading Tech To Support Advertising
Amazon Enters Smart Home Market, Wants To Be The 'Brains' Behind IoT
Renaissance Hotels Debuts Its First Short Film To Drive Advertising
Gmail Plug-In Highlights Phrases That Undermine Credibility
Yahoo Settles Class-Action Over Email Scans
Dentsu Buys Brazil's Navegg, Strengthens Real-Time Audience Delivery
How To Adjust SEO, Social, Content To Demand Curves
Amazon, Ford Partnership Connects Echo With SYNC
Internal Pinterest Roadblock Squashing Grand Search Advertising Visions
Google Removes 13 Malicious Android Apps
New Millennial Moms Craving Healthier Options At The Supermarket
Can Biz Stone Jumpstart Jelly?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016
More Holiday Returns Than Expected
Yahoo Employees Brace For Layoffs
Conquesting Bridges Television With Digital Through Data
CloudMagic Monetizes, Expands Distraction-Free Email App To Mac
Former Yahoo, BlackBerry Execs Design Privacy Search Engine
REI's Brilliant #optoutside Campaign Lands On Twitter's Top Trending List
Q&A With Gary Klein: Media Job Hunting
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016
CES: Google's New Smart Home Partners Products Announced
CES: Google Cardboard Lets Quantum Demonstrate Eye-Tracking Car Technology
Google Bolds Keywords In Local Reviews
Brands Must Listen To Improve Customer Service
Google's Robotics Chief Goes To Toyota
SEO Exec Sentenced To 37 Months In Federal Prison, Ordered To Pay Restitution
Tips For Google Filters
Streaming In Cars On The Rise, Content Discovery Still A Challenge
How To Track Print Advertisments
Mobile Banner Ads To Drop In Popularity, Native And Video Ads Gain Momentum
Three PPC Tips To Get The New Year Started
5 Key Things You Need To Know About The FTC's Guidance On Native
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016
Technology Allows Search To Become More Creative
Amazon Sponsored Products Drive $1.5 Billion In Sales
Google, Lenovo Dance Around Project Tango Announcement At CES
Microsoft Win 10 Runs On 200 Million Computers, But Poorly Communicates Bing Nuances In OS
Global Tech Spending To Hit $2.9 Trillion In 2016
Alphabet Discloses The Price Of Bebop
Yahoo Closes Down Yahoo Screen Hub
Opportunities In Marketing Automation
Yahoo Must Face Class-Action Over SMS Messages
Adapting To A New World Of Search
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 4, 2016
Facebook Changes How We See And Search
GM Makes $500 Million Investment In Lyft For Self-Driving Car Technology
Consumers Duped By Native Ads
Bing Now Powers AOL Search Results, Paid-Search Ads
Netflix, Amazon, Yahoo Taking Hits On Wall Street
Amazon To Force Brands, Agencies To Rethink Advertising
Splash Out Or Ship Out -- The Mindsets That May Save January
Authors Guild Wants To Take Google To Supreme Court
Why You Should Go To Work For A Struggling Startup
Android OS Cyanogen, Microsoft Cortana Build Tighter Relationship
New Generation Of Wearables Coming To CES
Is Virtual Reality Safe?
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