Search Marketing Daily Editions for August 2019
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 23, 2019
Turbulent Times: News Corp Service Could Change How Google, Bing Support Publishers
Democrats, Republicans Battle Over Competitive Search Bidding
Google To Give Publishers More Information When Ad Traffic Is Restricted
Google Changes Open Culture Amid Internal Turmoil Over Politics
Google: Publishers Lose Half Of Ad Revenue From Cookie Blocking
Google Blasted For 'Privacy Gaslighting'
Waymo Shares Its Data On Self-Driving Car Tests
Fake News Or Censorship? The Nuanced Disinformation Battle
The New Product Media Journey
The Amazon Inventory
Google Criticised By Debt Charities
Google Shuts Down Accounts Spreading Hong Kong Disinformation
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019
How Intent Data Measures Campaign Awareness
Google Calls On Ad Industry To Develop Privacy Standards Based On User Expectations
'The Telegraph' Wonders If DeepMind Will Ever Make Google Any Money
Alibaba, Baidu, Google, Microsoft, Others Back Confidential Computing Consortium
Four Gmail Alternatives That Claim To Protect Privacy
Study: 3 Google Properties Top List Of Most Valuable Apps
Court Rejects Tech Companies' Bid For Fast Knockout Against Right-Wing Activists
LoopMe Teams With Numerator To Fill A Data Gap
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019
Search Low Priority For Marketers In 2020, Video Tops List
It Takes More Than Data To Improve The Customer Experience
Data Shows Consumers Need More Education On How Brands Personalize Their Content
Report: YouTube Planning To Drop Targeted Ads In Kids' Videos
Gmail Introduces AI-Driven Writing Corrections
Google, McClatchy To Use Village Media's Platform For Youngstown News Site
Bing Webmaster Tools Adds Domain Connect Verification
DeepMind Co-founder Placed On Leave
How To Decide Which Marketing Channels To Use
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2019
Google Play Store Apps Laced With New Adware
Former Google Employee Exposes 'Blacklist,' Alleges Bias
Lifestyle Content On The Rise As More Brands Block Keywords Related To Hard News
Gmail Goes Down In Parts Of U.S.
Location Privacy Suit Dropped Against Google And Apple, But Not Facebook
Waymo To Test Self-Driving Cars On Rainy Florida Roads
Working Hard Or Hardly Working, Automation Helps
Reaching Consumers At Their Most Receptive
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 19, 2019
Google Eliminates Accelerated Delivery Option For Search, Shopping Campaigns
Google Reportedly Says Privacy Drove Decision To Cut Data Rights To Mobile Carriers
Microsoft Advertising Shares Search Behavior, Conversion Data
15 Years After Google's IPO, Here's A Look At The Leading Tech Offerings
Google Sues Over Bogus Takedown Notices, Extortion Scheme
Report: 'Problematic' Ads Fund $235 Million On Disinformation Sites
Equifax Considering New Data Segments After Announcing Eyeota Partnership
AI For Media, Marketing & Advertising
Bad Guys Make Out: Hacking Victims Will Pay Big Bucks To Ransom Data
Omnichannel Returns: Everything Old Is New Again
Search Rivals Refuse To Pay For Android Downloads
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 16, 2019
Why SEO Isn't Enough
Google Warns Users: Don't Reuse Any Previously Hacked Passwords
Venture Equity Firm Buys Another Ecommerce Search Engine
CVS Consolidates $160 Million Media Account With UM, Digitas
Facial Recognition, RTB And Google -- Where Will GDPR Finally Bite?
Gmail Service Out In Parts Of Asia
Coping With Blockages In The Marketing Funnel
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019
How Ann Summers Tackled Hijacked Ads
Google Extends In-App Viewability Through IAB Tech Lab's Open Measurement Standard
ARF: The Price Consumers Put On Their Data
Google Assistant Adds New Features, Tailor-Made For Families
Dear EU -- Leave Google Alone On Jobs
Hispanic Health And Beauty Brands Go Mainstream
No, Digital Media Did Not Solve The Wanamaker Conundrum
How To Get The Most From Google Smart Bidding For Ecommerce
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019
Data Suggests 94% Of Searches Send People To Alphabet Properties
FTC Considering 'Unwinding' M&A Deals To Break Up Big Tech
Location Data Startup Officially Launches, Grows Globally Through Million-Dollar Seed Round
Amazon Becomes No. 1 CPG E-Tailer, Displaces The Long Tail
Verizon Sells Tumblr To Automattic
Shoppers Warm To Augmented Reality But Not Smart Speakers
Uber Appoints Google Exec To VP Global Marketing
EU Urged To Suspect Google's Job Search Feature
SMS Backup+ Can No Longer Connect To Gmail
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019
TAG/BSI Data Shows What Brands Need To Eliminate To Save Reputation
LinkedIn Launches Audience Segments With Five Partners
Google Explains Indexing Issues And What Went Wrong
Rivals Of Google Jobs Search Draw Antitrust Complaints
Presidential Hopeful Andrew Yang Touting Data As A Property Right
Google Warns Of Malware-Infected Android Phones
Google To Pay Pixel Owners Up To $500 For Faulty Phones
Sen. Wyden Presses Wireless Carriers To Shed Data
Google Lets Developers Tag Apps
Google To Start Replacing Passwords with Fingerprints For Android ID
Speaking OF SEO
SmartNews Valuation Echoes Dot-Com Bubble
Ins And Outs: When Agencies Think Like Clients
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 12, 2019
Google Rivals Opting Out Of Forced Search Engine Auction In Europe
Russia's Watchdog Orders Google To Stop Broadcasting 'Illegal Events' On YouTube
ByteDance, TikTok Creator, Planning Tautiao Search Engine
Isobar Brazil Launches Programmatic Print Ad That Provides Personalized Offers
Fair Deal Or Privacy -- Facebook And Apple Square Up On News
Growth Spurt: How D2C Brands Mature
Here Comes the Noise: What's Your Media Plan for 2020?
How Brands Can Thrive Amid Consumer Distrust
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