Television News Daily Editions for September 2016
Television News Daily - Friday, Sept. 30, 2016
Secretary Clinton Sees Herself In 'Madam Secretary'
Nielsen To Use PPMs For Local TV Ratings, Will Include Out-Of-Home Viewing
Alpha Is A New SVOD For Sci-Fi, Gamers
Lower Estimates For 2016 TV Political Ads
Freeview Aligns Itself To Be Friends With The Netflix Generation
Digital Short-Form Video Viewership Remains Strong
Cord-Cutting Linked To Pay-TV Dissatisfaction
NFL Taking Prime-Time Ratings Hit
FCC Postpones Vote On Plan To Replace Set-Top Boxes With Apps
Ad-Supported Content: Still A Bad Experience
Is The Political Ad Dead? Depends How You Look At It
Streamers Are Satisfied
Television News Daily - Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016
'Westworld' Boldly Goes Where Man And Movies Have Gone Before
Cox Launches Sales-Side Platform, Enables Agencies To Buy Local TV Programmatically
Cable News: The True Unreality
Will CBS, Viacom Merge?
Weighing Presidential Issues: A 400-Pound Hacker And A Besmirched Beauty Queen
Premium TV Digital Content, Ad Views Climb Double Digits
Advertising's No-Win: People Hate Ads But Would Rather Watch Ad-Supported TV, Then Skip The Ads
What Men Want In Ads
Twitter Fights For Center Stage With Presidential Debate Streams
Why There Are So Many Chevy Silverados Parked At Kohl's
Digital Engagement Index
Netflix Gets Issue-Oriented Public TV Kids Show
The Catch Up Viewer Catches Most Ads, Too
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016
CBS, NBC Dueling Victory Declarations Sow Confusion
First Clinton-Trump Presidential Debate Sets TV Viewing Record
Can Big TV Companies Spin New Story Around Twitter Sale, Avoiding Mention Of MySpace?
Ad-Supported, Free TV Tops Other Platforms
Clever Marketing Spotlights Brands Surrounding Most Viewed Debate In History
EY's Bass Advises Industry To Embrace New Standard, Metrics, Technology
Tapad Launches Cross-Device Optimization Metric
'Unlimited You' Powers Nike Win; Futures Orders Spark Worry
Southwest Offers A Plane Full Of 'Yes'
Broadcasters Not Doing Enough For Diversity, Ofcom Chief Warns
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016
Pundits Say Hillary Won, But Was Her Victory Decisive?
Traditional TV Viewing Slips, But Dominates Video Use
Trump Claims Debate Microphone Was Defective
Debate Shows Candidates' Colors: Clinton Poised, Trump Rejects Facts
Cable Networks Lose Live GRPs To Consumer TV Tech
What's So Funny?
IAB Launches New Certification Program For Buyers, Planners
Who Sees That YouTube Ad? And Who's Really Streaming?
Tremor Video Names Jennifer Catto Chief Marketing Officer
Reaching Generation Z
Television News Daily - Monday, Sept. 26, 2016
Smell That? It's Clinton And Trump Going Nose To Nose
U.S. Pay TV Homes Steady, Monthly Prices Rise
Presidential TV Debates Are Commercial-Free. But After And Before? Not So Much
TV Views On Smartphones Soar
'How Many Words Per Minute Do You Type?' -- And Other Debate Questions For Clinton
Rio Olympics Spark TV Advertising, Overall Ad Market Gains
Hulu's Going After Traditional Network Dollars Is A Good Thing
Google Metrics Closes 'Loop' Across Search, TV, YouTube, In-Store
Forrester Analyst: Don't Call It 'Programmatic' TV
VideoAmp Ensures At Least 80% Viewability Rates
Wireless Carriers Say 'Zero-Rating' Schemes Boost Broadband Adoption
BBC Rumoured To Be Devising New Bake-Off Style Show
BBC Researchers Develop A Holographic TV
Television News Daily - Friday, Sept. 23, 2016
Fun-Loving President Obama Is America's Chowhound In Chief
Percent Of TV Channels Viewed Drops To Single Digits, Nielsen Attributes Digital Choices
TV Networks Raise Promo Spend For 2016-2017 Season
Discovery Says Skinny TV Bundles Provide Protection, Growth
Kia Targets Millennials With Short Attention Spans
Horizon Wins Tim Horton's U.S. Media Assignment
Internet Creative Guild Launches New Members-Only Site
Future Of Sports On Pay TV: Buying It Per Sport, Season Or Weekend?
An Outsider's Guide To Ad Week
Television News Daily - Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016
'MacGyver'? Really? What's Next? The New Adventures Of ALF?
ANA Raises Concerns About FCC Plan To Replace Set-Top Boxes With Apps
Fixing The Emmys
Viacom: Interim CEO Exits, Issues Profit Warning
What Does This Political Season Mean For TV Stations' Ad Sales Future?
Internet-Connected TV Viewing Shows Continued Growth
Twitter Fights For Center Stage With Presidential Debate Streams
On Opening Day, The Trade Desk's Stock Closes At $30.10 Per Share
Netflix Data Reveals When We Get Hooked On Each Series
Channel 4 To Broadcast Next Winter And Summer Paralympics
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016
President Kiefer Sutherland Is ABC's 'Designated' Hitter
TV Ad Loads Record Uptick, AMC Leads Pack
Big TV Awards Show: Are Consumers Seeing Through All The Glam?
AT&T Adds DirecTV Mobile/TV Everywhere To Addressable Platform
Mediacom Defends Data Caps, Blasts Netflix
Study: Video Reaches Tipping Point, 51% Of Views Now On Mobile
TubeMogul Revamps Display Offering Via Partnerships And New Algorithms
Vizio Urges Judge To Throw Out Video Privacy Case
Fox's Hannity Appears In Trump Promotional Video
TubeMogul Launches Native Ad Formats
How 'Live' Do We Want Our Streaming Video?
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016
'Bull' Title Is Truth In Labeling; NBC Says Look In The Mirror
Upfront/Newfront Effect: High Value, Increased Spending
So Who Is Watching Netflix?
Nielsen Releases Total Content Ratings Schedule
You Call That A Terrorist Attack?
'Skinny TV' Packages No Pay-TV Panacea
Jason Kander: Using Provocative Advertising To Bolster Senate Candidacy
Millennials Experience High Levels Of Ad Blocking, Piracy
John Hancock Focuses On Changing World
Research Shows Advertisers That Consumer Choices Are Risky Business
Certifiable: Gummy Vitamins Hypes USP Status In New Campaign
Republican Rob Portman Speaks Spanish In New TV Ad
Television News Daily - Monday, Sept. 19, 2016
The Emmy Effect: We're All Spectators At Somebody Else's Party
4KTV Forecast To See Steady Growth In Next 5 Years
Cable Group Rebrands As NCTA -- The Internet & Television Association
Can You See Me Now? Digital Vs. Trad TV Viewing Of NFL Games
Deep Root Analytics, D2 Media Sales Team To Offer Political, Advocacy Audience Segments
Twitter Debuts NFL Football, Will It Pay Off?
Are You Ready For The Great Blurring?
Digital Engagement Index
The X Factor And Britain's Got Talent Renewed For Three Years On ITV
The Devaluation Of Sports Sponsorship Rights
Channel Mum Gains $2.6M In Funding
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