• The Lessons Of Howard Stern
    I know Howard Stern is the satellite radio guy, especially now that he's inked a new five-year pact with SiriusXM. Still, there's much to be learned about the state of the TV Everywhere ecosystem from the King of All Media's decision to stay put. Here are five big lessons:
  • Youth Is Served By 'Turks'
    Has "The Young Turks" YouTube newscast really hit its 10th anniversary? It has, but some things haven't changed. For instance, when founder Cenk Uygur hires anchors for his burgeoning video news empire, he still must "deprogram" them. "They come to us hooked on the teleprompter -- and that has to go," says the political commentator/activist. Reading from a projected script in that Bob Squarehead anchor way is, after all, utterly antithetical to the Young Turks' ethos.
  • TV Everywhere's Day Is Here
    As I slowly came out of my post-Turkey Day L-Tryptophan haze, and looked back on a day of big gatherings (around the table, and around the set and smartphones), I realized that a bunch of things have happened in the last couple of weeks that screamed one important thing: Namely, that we are in one of those critical-mass phases of the TV Everywhere universe.
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