• How Howard Stern Became 'King Of All Media'
    Through a savvy use of TV, social media, online video - and, of course, satellite radio - Howard Stern has become a cross-generational mainstream powerhouse. His long-time self-coronation as "King of All Media" holds more truth than ever before.
  • One Win & You're Done: How To Fix The Emmys
    Emmy nominations are out, and the list is littered with too many of the usual suspects. Ho-hum, another nomination for five-time winner "Modern Family," a once-wonderful comedy whose best days are past. And yet "Broad City," the funniest show on TV, gets no respect from the Emmy. "Mad Men" may make my Top 10 list of best dramas of all time, but it's won four Emmys already for Outstanding Drama. Yet "Justified" doesn't get a nod in that category, nor does its star Timothy Olyphant -- or any of the series' top-flight supporting cast -- after a wondrous six-season run. …
  • Study Shows Binge-ing Is The New Normal
    A new study from the TiVo Research Group confirms what I've long suspected: Binge-watching is the way a vast majority of viewers want to consume quality programming. Ninety percent of us binge, according to TiVo, and it's not just a sometime thing.
  • Dead's Last Gigs Streamed Live On Multiplatforms
    The Grateful Dead's historic "Fare Thee Well" extravaganzas cemented the band's legacy as the most powerful multiplatform music brand to emerge from the Summer of Love. And Peter Shapiro, the ultimate Deadhead and promoter extraordinaire, who engineered the reunion, made sure the shows were so much more than live events, with streaming on screens big, small and in-between part of the mix.
  • The Legacy Of Danny Schechter, Multimedia Pioneer
    Last Saturday, musician, actor and activist Steven Van Zandt paid homage to a fellow multimedia pioneer and a kindred spirit: Danny Schechter, who passed away March 19 at 72. "Danny loved causing trouble," said Van Zandt. "He loved courting controversy, because that got you attention."
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