• Univision, Ramos -- And Trump's Schadenfreude-ian Slip
    Donald Trump may rue the day late last August when he had Jorge Ramos tossed out of a press conference shouting "go back to Univision." Getting the jackboot from The Donald appeared to reignite Ramos' ambitions, and take his anchor brand as the "Latino Walter Cronkite" beyond his aging Hispanic fan base. As NPR's David Folkenflik recently noticed, Ramos "chases three quarries: voters, viewers and relevance."
  • 'The New Yorker' Writes Print's Big Streaming Play
    I could not begin to count the number of times over the years that smart, talented people have attempted to transform a print magazine into a TV franchise. Mostly, it's been a recipe for failure, with exceptions such as one-off specials based on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, or Time's "Person of the Year" franchise. What has worked is a reverse jujitsu move, turning a TV franchise personality into a magazine, especially if it's about lifestyle or sports. Can you say O the magazine or ESPN the magazine? Granted, those kinds of titles still make some bucks - but, as …
  • Louis C.K.: Way OK In Owning His Digital Destiny
    When Louis C.K. streamed his new drama "Horace and Pete" last Saturday sans any pre-launch hype on his Web site, our greatest everyman comic genius sealed his slot as the TV Everywhere renaissance man. C.K. wants to be the one who determines his digital destiny. As every clickbait headline writer would say, "Mind blown."
  • Amazon Set For Net-Net Dominance
    It's only a matter of time before Amazon Prime's video service seriously challenges Netflix's dominance of the streaming game. The service that Jeff Bezos' "Everything Store" launched in its current incarnation a scant five years ago is now suddenly poised for primacy.
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