• Tapping Into Electorate That's 'Mad As Hell'
    Pundits are working overtime to explain exactly how Donald Trump, in all his bombastic TV Everywhere mendacity, could become the GOP candidate for the most powerful job on planet earth. A couple of nights ago I got a few answers while streaming the classic film "Network," from the righteously indignant pen of Paddy Chayefsky. It gave me chills, too, realizing that the film celebrates its 40th anniversary in November, when we will know if it's Hillary or The Donald who will be sitting in the Oval Office come January.
  • Louis C.K.: Way OK In Owning His Digital Destiny
    When Louis C.K. streamed his new drama "Horace and Pete" sans any pre-launch hype on his Web site, our greatest everyman comic genius sealed his slot as the TV Everywhere renaissance man. C.K. wants to be the one who determines his digital destiny. As every clickbait headline writer would say, "Mind blown."
  • Amazon Wants To Reshape The Way We Watch
    While assessing the coverage of the launch of Amazon Video Direct -- Jeff "Mr. Everything Store" Bezos' gutsy challenge to YouTube -- the figure $3 billion jumped out at me. That's how much industry analysts estimate Amazon spends on video each year in its relentless drive to dominate on a playing field where YouTube, Facebook, Hulu and myriad others have plenty of pixels in the game.
  • All The News That's Fit to Print -- On Video
    "The future of media is visual," Mark Thompson said on Monday. The New York Times CEO was presenting the blue-chip news organization's slate of video series at the NewFronts at the time, obviously banking that ramping up expansion of the Gray Lady's digital offerings would eventually offset tumbling print revenues.
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