• Playing Their 'Cards' Right
    My recovery from a vicious cold last weekend was helped greatly by bingeing on season 4 of "House of Cards." Throughout, I was reminded why it is the perfect Netflix original, and so synonymous with that brand.
  • Justice Palin?! Judge For Yourself
    To beef up her credentials for her inevitable appointment to the Supreme Court by President Donald J. Trump, Sarah Palin announced she was developing a "Judge Judy"-style reality show. Palin inked the deal in February, not long after she became one of the first prominent Republicans to endorse The Donald's whirlwind White House run.
  • Free Money Is Earning Elections
    The tremendous multiple-state wins Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump enjoyed in Tuesday night's primaries are a direct result of the incredible disparity in the multiplatform coverage -- the so-called earned media -- that frontrunners received, compared to their respective rivals.
  • MSNBC Makeover And The White House Race
    Last April, when Andy Lack returned to NBC to take the reins of the beleaguered news operation he had deftly run for eight years from 1993-2001, he had to play fire chief -- and fast. Megastar anchorman Brian Williams was benched for his resume-inflating lack of truthiness, the cash juggernaut the "Today" show had become an also-ran to ABC's "Good Morning America" -- and MSNBC was bleeding viewers and in the midst of an identity crisis.
  • The Beat Of The Drumpf Is Only So Loud
    Last time I checked, almost 14 million people had watched on YouTube the stunning takedown of Donald Trump from Sunday's edition of "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver." The show's lacerating 22-minute report-which featured, among other bits of brilliance, Oliver comparing the leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination to a likely cancerous "back mole" that America needed to excise before the whole country goes down the drain-has already been seen by more than three times the audience that usually catches up with Oliver on YouTube and other digital platforms on a weekly basis.
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