• Do I Really Watch That Much Netflix? Don't Ask
    Over the holidays, I was at my in-laws, and we started discussing various TV shows, recommending different series to one another. I started realizing most of the shows I recommended were on Netflix. Could I actually be watching more Netflix than any traditional network? It sure didn't seem that way.
  • On TV Everywhere, Kickass Women Rule
    Where to find the feistiest woman on the small screen.
  • Who's Watching Those Commercials Anyway?
    I often see data that shows DVR usage is not that significant across the entire day, accounting for less than 10% of total rating points. During prime time, however, it is massive, particularly for original scripted series. Consider that more than 40% of adults 18-49 or 25-54 still do not own a DVR. Despite this, the average original scripted series (on both broadcast and cable) has half its total U.S. audience through DVR playback. That means, on average, more than 80% of viewing of original scripted series among DVR owners is time-shifted.
  • YouTube TV: Made For The New Media Generation
    YouTube TV seems most geared to the two most recent media generations. The Multi-Platform Generation (1996-2010) grew up with high-speed Internet, DVRs, on demand, video streaming, smartphones, social media, multimedia devices, and original scripted series no longer being exclusive to broadcast television. The Mobile Generation (born after 2010) will grow up watching what they want, when they want, and where they want it. This generation makes little distinction between broadcast, cable, SVOD, or OTT. Content means more than distribution source or screen.
  • Assorted TV Everywhere Thoughts
    Riffs on the following headlines: The Oscars Telecast Still Needs Fixing; Broadcast Networks Need to Cross-Promote New Series; Should CBS All Access be Programmed Like Netflix?
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